WHS #74 – Stand Up

Episode 74 is up! Joey and I get to catch up on something we’ve been wanting to talk about since the story broke in the news… Stand Up For WWE and the events and controversy surrounding it! Here’s the breakdown of the show:

WHS #74: Stand Up – In this episode Joey and I stand up for what we believe in as we break down the ridiculous and outlandish nature of Vince McMahon’s Stand Up For WWE campaign that culminated in what I see as one of the worst segments on RAW in recent memory. We also bring some joy to the show by talking about PeeWee Herman, read a fantastic review of Dragon Gate USA’s internet PPV by listener and friend USAdam, reminisce about Lita after her very brief return to WWE, point out who doesn’t know their left from their right, contemplate Old School RAW and mention Jeff Hardy’s colorful new title belt!

Listen to the show:

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Results for Bushido: Code of the Warrior
Go Fight Live
Bushido Blade (the guy with the gun was super cheap)
Magnum Tokyo

Banning WWE merch…
Which led to this. why do I even try?

Learn to spell… seriously. You look stupid.

Where’s my cake?! I want my cake!!

It’s not funny. Ever.
This guy is funny. Almost always.
So is this guy.

Buy stuff from Lita’s band!

So there it is, show notes for episode 74! Hope you enjoyed. Keep an eye out for our Survivor Series review in the next show!