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NXT Recap & Review – Episode 467

Episode 467

Original Air Date: September 5, 2018
Event Date: August 23, 2018
(available on the WWE Network)

City: Winter Park, FL
Venue: Full Sail University

Commentary: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson
Ring Announcer: Kayla Braxton


Intro Video
“Resistance” by Powerflo


Match 1
Kassius Ohno vs Kona Reeves
(referee: Tom Castor)

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Result: Kassius Ohno wins via pinfall after a rolling elbow
Time: 1:45

Match Thoughts
This was almost a squash. It was surprising, but I liked it for what it was. I would have liked to have seen a linger match between these two, but I understand why they did it this way. It makes more of an impact for the point they were trying to get across.


Ring Area
After the match, Kassius Ohno says that there was a lot of buzz when he came back to NXT. Then there wasn’t. Kassius Ohno was an afterthought. It used to bother him, but he gets it now. There’s always going to be someone new, but Kassius Ohno will be the first to welcomed all the newcomers and knock them to the back of the line.


Match 2
Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake w/ Jaxson Ryker vs The Street Profits
(referee: Darryl Sharma)

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Result: Steve Cutler pins Montez Ford after a tandem diving stomp and inverted DDT
Time: 6:34

Match Thoughts
Good match. Montez Ford was isolated for most of the match, and the Forgotten Sons looked good as they double teamed him. Angelo Dawkins cleaned up late in the match, but a distraction from The Mighty led to the finish. This wasn’t a surprising match, but I think both teams looked good.


William Regal questions Heavy Machinery about the attack in Aleister Black. The lights are too hot for Dozovic, so he ends up confessing… to destroying the toilet. Tucker Knight says they saw Ciampa near the bushes the night Black was attacked.

Last week, Ricochet and Pete Dunne argued after their tag loss. The argument leads to each man challenging for the other’s title.

The War Raiders want you to witness the dawn of a new era.


Match 3
Kairi Sane (NXT Women’s Champ) vs Trish Adora
(referee: Jessika Carr)

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Result: Kairi Sane wins via pinfall after the Insane Elbow Drop
Time: 2:25

Match Thoughts
A pretty good squash. Once Kairi got going, she dominated.


Ring Area
After the match, Shayna Baszler comes out and knocks over Kairi’s treasure chest. Baszler tells Sane to enjoy her treasure while she can. Sane’s pirate fantasy is going to end when Baszler enacts her rematch clause. Baszler enters the ring and floors Sane. Baszler allows Sane to get up, and Sane unleashes a flurry of strikes that sends Baszler out of the ring.

Tommaso Ciampa says he hasn’t been in front of the crowd since Brooklyn because he doesn’t have a number one contender. Ciampa doesn’t want to hear anyone’s opinion, but he does know that there are a few people out there that understand Ciampa’s message. Everyone should follow Ciampa’s lead.

William Regal tells Lars Sullivan that he is a prime suspect in the attack on Black. Sullivan admits that he was looking for Black that night, but the attack happened before Sullivan could get there. Sillivan says he wouldn’t hide it if he had done it.


Match 4
Velveteen Dream vs Johnny Gargano
(referee: DA Brewer)

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Result: Velveteen Dream wins via pinfall after the Dream Valley Driver
Time: 15:58

Match Thoughts
Very good match. This was hard fought and exciting. Towards the end it became clear that this match was mostly about Gargano’s state of mind. Gargano had to deal with his more violent and aggressive impulses, and the hesitation that caused allowed Dream to take advantage. Gargano’s struggles in this match were more internal than external, and that’s a really interesting thing to see.

I love this story, but I will say that the crowd annoys me quite a lot at times. There are a substantial number of boos in the crowd when Gargano chooses not to do the most violent things to his opponent, and that bugs me. They also chanted “goodbye” as Gargano left the ring which is so, so dumb. I don’t think everyone understands what’s going on with this story. Because they’re dumb.


Show Impressions
I liked this show. The main event was great, and the rest of the show was quite good.

Match of the Night
Gargano vs Dream


Official Results:https://www.wwe.com/shows/wwenxt/2018-09-05



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