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205 Live Recap & Review – Episode 109

WWE 205 Live
Episode 109

Original Air Date: December 26, 2018
Event Date: December 18, 2018
(available on the WWE Network)

Hosts: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson


Intro Video
“Hail to the Crown” by CFO$ featuring From Ashes to New

Ring Area
Vic Joseph, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness welcomes everyone to a special best of 205 Live show.

Clips of Daniel Bryan appointing Drake Maverick as the GM of 205 Live and of the title tournament Maverick started.

A replay of part of the Cruiserweight Title match between Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali from the Wrestlemania Kickoff show.

Cedric Alexander says he’ll always have his Wrestlemania moment when he fought his friend and won the title he’d been chasing for two years. Losing the title this year hurt, but he’s determined to be a two time champ.

205 Live superstars share their new year’s resolutions.

Hideo Itami resolves to have everyone respect him.

Akira Tozawa will acheive his dream of fighting Drake Maverick.

TJP resolves to get Drake Maverick fired.

Noam Dar is looking for a stable relationship with anyone not named Alicia Fox.

Maria and Mike Kanellis resolve to use the power of love to ruin people’s lives.

A package promo for Lucha House Party.

Ring Area
Nigel McGuinness hates the Lucha House Party.

Clips of the buildup to Cedric Alexander’s title defense against Buddy Murphy at Super Show-Down.

A replay of part of the title match between Cedric Alexander and Buddy Murphy at Super Show-Down.

Buddy Murphy says he knew he was going to win at Super Show-Down. Murphy owns the cruiserweight division, and if anyone has a problem with that, then they should try to do something about it.

The top 10 moments in 205 Live in 2018:
10. Up for Gr-abs – Tony Nese throwing Lio Rush over the top rope with one arm.
9. A Strong First Impression – Roderick Strong competing against Hideo Itami in the title tournament.
8. The Power of Love – Maria and Mike Kanellis debut on 205 Live.
7. Up and Over – Drew Gulak and Cedric Alexander continue a suplex from the ring to the floor.
6. The Scottish Supernova Returns – Noam Dar returns and defeats TJP.
5. The Man of the Hour Arrives – Lio Rush arrives on 205 Live.
4. When In Doubt, Just Senton Everyone – Akira Tozawa hits a diving senton on three people at the same time.
3. The Mask Collector – TJP takes the masks of each member of Lucha House Party.
2. A Powerful Point – Drew Gulak breaks up with The Brian Kendrick.
1. Oh! 5-4 – Mustafa Ali hits a 450 splash onto Hideo Itami through a table on the floor.

Drew Gulak cuts into the feed, interrupting Joseph, McGuinness, and Watson. Gulak says this show isn’t a “best of,” it’s a representation of the worst that the show has to offer. Drew Gulak is the best of 205 Live, and he presents an inspirational video to illustrate his point.

Clips of the buildup to Buddy Murphy’s title defense against Mustafa Ali.

A replay of part of the title match between Buddy Murphy and Mustafa Ali.

Mustafa Ali says he might have changed brands in 2018, but he will always represent 205 Live.

Drake Maverick thanks the viewers for their continued support throughout 2018. Maverick plans to start strong in 2019, and he announces a series of matches to determine three contenders for the Cruiserweight Title. Over the next few weeks, Lio Rush will face Kalisto, Akira Tozawa will face Drew Gulak, and Cedric Alexander will face Hideo Itami. The winners of those three matches will battle Buddy Murphy in a fatal four way title match at Royal Rumble.



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