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NXT UK Recap & Review – Episode 34

Episode 34

Original Air Date: March 13, 2019
Event Date: February 22, 2019
(available on the WWE Network)

City: Coventry, England, UK
Venue: Coventry Skydome

Commentary: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness
Ring Announcer: Andy Shepherd


Outside the Venue
Johnny Saint and Sid Scala arrive. Scala says Kay Lee Ray is going to debut tonight, and Saint says the Coffey brothers will face Walter and Pete Dunne in the main event.

Intro Video
“Dusted” by Astroid Boys


Match 1
Flash Morgan Webster vs Wolfgang w/ Mark Coffey, Joe Coffey
(referee: DA Brewer)

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Result: Wolfgang wins via pinfall after the Caber Toss
Time: 5:18

Match Thoughts
Good match. Webster threw his body at the much larger Wolfgang throughout most of this match. It worked for Webster for a while, but eventually Wolfgang’s size and power allowed him to take over.


Ring Area
After the match, Wolfgang decides to beat up Webster some more. After arguing with the referee for a bit, Wolfgang decides to leave the ring.

In a package video, Kassius Ohno says it’s ridiculous that, in 2019, the one person to bring a real British style to NXT is an American. Ohno talks about how the current crop of NXT UK wrestlers grew up idolizing American wrestlers, not British wrestlers. They’re a tribute act. If they want to see genuine British wrestling, step in the ring with Kassius Ohno.


Match 2
Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan vs Tyson T-Bone & Saxon Huxley
(referee: Joel Allen)

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Result: Amir Jordan pins Saxon Huxley after the Swanton Bombay
Time: 5:57

Match Thoughts
Pretty good match. It was fun. Most of the match was Amir Jordan getting beat up. Williams got involved late in the match, and that led to a fun finish. I like the team of Jordan and Williams, and this was a good match for them.


Earlier today, Jinny said she is sick and tired of hearing about Toni Storm. Jinny doesn’t care about Storm, she only cares about the women’s title. The title makes you the center of attention, and no one deserves that attention other than Jinny.

Ring Area
Earlier today in an empty arena, Eddie Dennis says he respects Ligero. Unfortunately, Ligero will be his opponent when Dennis comes out of exile. Ligero will be the first victim as Dennis takes down the entire roster one by one.

Ring Area
Noam Dar heads to the ring. Dar says it’s good to be back in NXT UK, and this time he’s here to stay. He’s been watching NXT UK, and he says the brand has been doing well. It will be doing even when NXT UK heads to Glasgow, Scotland next month.

Dar says he was here for the start of NXT UK. Since then, he’s been watching as so many people try to fill his “big golden boots.” They’ve been doing an okay job, but no one can fill Dar’s boots. NXT UK needs Dar, and the deal has been done. Dar won’t be like the UK stars that have been in and out of 205 Live. Like Mark Andrews who was dropped on his head and sent packing.

Mark Andrews comes out and heads to the ring. Andrews seems upset. Dar says a few words to Andrews, then Dar tries to attack Andrews. Andrews dodges and sends Dar out to the floor. Dar decides to back away.

UK Performance Center
Xia Brookside is proud to be Robbie Brookside’s daughter, but being the daughter of a famous wrestler has been a challenge at times. For example, she was bullied in school. Brookside hates bullies. Rhea Ripley has bullied Brookside since she’s been competing in NXT UK. The next time they get in the ring together, Brookside will teach Ripley a lesson.

A package promo for the team of Wild Boar and The Primate.


Match 3
Candy Floss vs Kay Lee Ray
(referee: DA Brewer)

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Result: Kay Lee Ray wins via pinfall after a Gory Bomb
Time: 2:19

Match Thoughts
This was a fairly short NXT UK debut match for Kay Lee Ray, but it was fine. KLR dominated as expected, and the finish was strong. I’m excited to see KLR in NXT UK.


Selfie Promo
Moustache Mountain says that since Zack Gibson isn’t cleared to compete yet, Bate wants to face James Drake. They also want a rematch for the tag titles.

Sid Scala and Johnny Saint says Bate versus Drake will be next week’s main event.


Match 4
The Coffey Brothers w/ Wolfgang vs Walter & Pete Dunne (UK Champ)
(referee: Joel Allen)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Walter pins Mark Coffey after a powerbomb
Time: 16:19

Match Thoughts
Very good match. Walter and Dunne tried to outdo each other a little in the early parts of the match, but they eventually got mostly on the same page. There were some huge chops and big moves, and Walter continued to prove his dominance. Dunn wouldn’t be outdone thought. I think the Coffey Brothers provided a good way to build more tension between Dunne and Walter.


Ring Area
After the match, Wlater and Dunne stare at each other with the UK Title on the mat between them. Dunne bends over to pick up his title, but Walter stops him. Walter picks up the title, looks at it, and hands it to Dunne. The two men continues to stare at each other as Walter leaves the ring.


Show Impressions
This was a very good show. It was one of the longest episodes of NXT UK, and it was packed with a lot of stuff. The matches were good, and we even got a nice debut for Kay Lee Ray.

Match of the Night
Coffey Brothers vs Walter & Dunne
The Coffey Brothers were kind of used as props for Walter and Dunne, but the history between Dunne and Joe Coffey helped add another layer to what was clearly a step forward in the burgeoning Walter/Dunne feud.


Official Results: https://www.wwe.com/shows/nxtuk/2019-3-13



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