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NXT Recap & Review – Episode 499

Episode 499

Original Air Date: April 3, 2019
Event Date: March 13, 2019
(available on the WWE Network)

City: Winter Park, FL
Venue: Full Sail University

Commentary: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson
Ring Announcer: Kayla Braxton


Intro Video
“Resistance” by Powerflo


Match 1
War Raiders (NXT Tag Champs) vs Adam Priest & Flex Simmons
(referee: Jessika Carr)

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Result: Hanson pins Adam Priest after an assisted pop-up powerslam
Time: 1:03

Match Thoughts
Super squash.


Ring Area
After the match, Rowe says that William Regal has given the War Raiders time this week to send a message to their opponents at Takeover: New York. Rowe then calls for another team to head to the ring.


Match 2
War Raiders (NXT Tag Champs) vs Adrian Jaoude & Cezar Bononi
(referee: Jessika Carr)

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Result: Rowe pins Bononi after Fallout
Time: 1:23

Match Thoughts
Another super squash.


A look at the competitors in the upcoming UK Title match at Takeover: New York.

Outside the Venue
Earlier today, Candice LeRae was answering questions about Takeover: New York and her own title aspirations when Aliyah and Vanessa Borne interrupted her. Aliyah says that Candice is going to fail at her dream just like her husband will fail at Takeover. Candice says Aliyah and Vanessa know a lot about failure. Candice also says she’s going to knock Aliyah on “her bougie ass.”


Match 3
Oney Lorcan w/ Danny Burch vs Jaxson Ryker w/ Wesley Blake, Steve Cutler
(referee: Eddie Orengo)

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Result: Jaxson Ryker wins via pinfall after No Remorse
Time: 5:26

Match Thoughts
This was okay. Ryker was supremely dominant in this match which is unusual when Oney Lorcan is in the ring with someone. Lorcan had one burst of offense late in the match, but his comeback was cut very short by the dominant Ryker. I suppose this is good for Ryker and doesn’t necessarily hurt Lorcan since he’s joining the 205 Live roster, but I wasn’t super into this match.


A look at the upcoming NXT Title match at Takeover: New York.

A look at the rivalry between Velveteen Dream and Matt Riddle.

Outside the Venue
Earlier today, Keith Lee said that his rematch with Dijakovic was bumped from Takeover. Lee said he went to talk to Regal, and that rematch will happen in two weeks.


Match 4
Kairi Sane vs Bianca Belair
(referee: Tom Castor)

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Result: Bianca Belair wins via DQ when Shayna Baszler attacks her
Time: 8:24

Match Thoughts
Good match. I was really enjoying this match even though I knew there wouldn’t be a definitive finish this close to Takeover. Sure enough, the match was cut short by Baszler and her friends. Before that though, Belair and Sane were having a very good fight. Belair started strong by using her power advantage, but Sane mounted a convincing comeback with non-stop offense in the middle of the match. Kairi’s experience seemed to be the deciding factor here tonight. That is, until Baszler decided she’d seen enough.


Ring Area
After the match, a big brawl breaks out. Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir, and Jessamyn Duke attack Belair and Sane. Io Shirai runs down to the ring and tries to help Kairi defend herself. The brawl continues as referees and women from the performance center run down to try to break up the fight.

The brawl makes its way out to ringside. In the ring, Belair grabs Lacey Lane and throws her over the top rope and out onto the mass of people. Io Shirai enters the ring and knocks Belair out of the ring. Shirai climbs up to the top turnbuckle and lands a moonsault onto the group at ringside.

Shirai then walks over and picks up the NXT Women’s Title which is laying in the corner of the ring. The show ends as Io Shirai stands alone in the ring clutching the NXT Women’s Title.


Show Impressions
This was a fine episode. I liked the main event match and the final segment. Other than that, it was kind of an uneventful episode. It’s fine though, they didn’t need to do anything else to hype Takeover. I like that they’ve already set matches for the next two weeks on NXT though, and they’re both matches I really want to see.

Match of the Night
Kairi Sane vs Bianca Belair
If this hadn’t been just prior to a title match that they’re both in, this could have been great. As it stands (with a non-finish), it was very good.


Official Results: https://www.wwe.com/shows/wwenxt/2019-04-03



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