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NXT UK Recap & Review – Episode 50

Episode 50

Original Air Date: July 3, 2019
Event Date: June 15, 2019
(available on the WWE Network)

City: Derby, England, UK
Venue: Donington Park

Commentary: Vic Joseph, Aiden English
Ring Announcer: Andy Shepherd


Back in January, Gibson and Drake became the first NXT UK Tag Champs. Tonight, Moustache Mountain finally gets their rematch for the titles after losing in the final match of the title tournament.

Intro Video
“Dusted” by Astroid Boys

Ring Area
Rhea Ripley heads to the ring. She was supposed to be in action later, but she has something to say right now. Ripley is tired of Piper Niven thinking she is the most dominant woman in NXT UK, so she wants to settle things right now.


Match 1
Rhea Ripley vs Piper Niven
(referee: Joel Allen)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Piper Niven wins via pinfall after a Michinoku Driver II
Time: 8:43

Match Thoughts
Good match. Both women were ready for a fight tonight. There was a fair amount of brawling early in the match, but once they both seemed to calm down a little, they each started looking for some of their stronger moves. Ripley dominated large portions of the match, but Niven came back at times with just a few big moves. This was fun.


Outside the Venue
Kenny Williams starts to talk about getting involved in Noam Dar’s match, but Dar attacks Williams before he can finish.


Match 2
Jack Starz vs Alexander Wolfe
(referee: Darryl Sharma)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Alexander Wolfe wins via pinfall after a sit-out powerbomb
Time: 4:05

Match Thoughts
This was a fine (almost) squash. It’s definitely interesting seeing Wolfe wrestle in a calm and methodical style.


Wolfgang pulls a cameraman into a room with the rest of Gallus. Joe Coffey talks about Dave Mastiff, then he tells Wolfgang to get rid of the camera.


Match 3
Dani Luna & Mercedes Blaze vs Jazzy Gabert w/ Jinny
(referee: ?)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Jazzy Gabert pins Mercedes Blaze after a Canadian backbreaker rack slam
Time: 1:43

Match Thoughts
A two on one squash.


Kassius Ohno thinks NXT UK is in a state of emergency. They need someone like Ohno to preserve the legacy of British wrestling. Ohno thinks Mark Andrews in particular is oblivious to the history of British pro wrestling.

Zack Gibson talks to James Drake and his own tag title belt.


Match 4
NXT UK Tag Team Title Match
Moustache Mountain vs Grizzled Young Veterans (NXT UK Tag Champs)
(referee: Chris Sharpe)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Moustache Mountain wins via DQ when Imperium attacks them
Time: 12:06

Match Thoughts
Very good match. It was cut short by an attack from Imperium, but it was very good while it lasted. They built up to an entirely believable finish, but neither team would give in. Hopefully it won’t be another six months before Moustache Mountain gets another title opportunity.


Ring Area
After the match, Gibson and Drake leave while Imperium attacks Moustache Mountain. Imperium handcuffs Trent Seven to a turnbuckle while Walter repeatedly powerbombs Tyler Bate on to the corner of the apron and the ring post.


Show Impressions
I liked the show. The opening and closing matches were fun and entertaining. Both of those matches also contained turning points for story lines, so I enjoyed that aspect as well.

Match of the Night
Tag Title Match
I liked the opener too, but I think the main event was a bit more exciting throughout its entire time.


Official Results: https://www.wwe.com/shows/nxtuk/2019-07-03



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