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RAW Recap & Review – Episode 1364

Episode 1364

Original Air Date: July 15, 2019
Event Date: July 15, 2019
(aired live)

City: Uniondale, NY (announced as Long Island, NY)
Venue: Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Commentary: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Renee Young
Ring Announcer: Mike Rome


Ring Area
The new Universal Champ, Brock Lesnar, heads to the ring with Paul Heyman. Heyman gloats about telling everyone that Lesnar was going to cash in and win the title at Extreme Rules. He tells the crowd to boo themselves for not listening. Everyone in WWE needs to boo themselves as well, because Heyman told them that Seth Rollins wouldn’t be defending the Universal Title at Summer Slam.

As “the man with all the stroke around here,” Heyman has decided how to determine a challenger for Lesnar. There will be a cross-branded top-ten all-star battle royal to determine will will get beaten, victimized, and conquered by Lesnar at Summer Slam. The competitors will be: Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Big E, Cesaro, Braun Strowman, Rey Mysterio, Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn, Bobby Lashley, and Roman Reigns.

Heyman doesn’t like Rollins’ chances in the battle royal. Rollins went into Extreme Rules a stud last night, but he left a gelding. Anyone who steps into the ring with Brock Lesnar is risking their manhood, because in this universe, everyone is Brock’s bitch.

As Lesnar and Heyman leave the ring, Ricochet makes his entrance for the first match of the night. Ricochet runs by Lesnar and Heyman, while Lesnar and Heyman smirk and walk up the ramp.


Match 1
Ricochet & The Usos vs The Revival (RAW Tag Champs) & Robert Roode
(referee: Dan Engler)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Ricochet and The Usos win 2 falls to 1
1. Ricochet pins Scott Dawson after a standing shooting star press (0:24)
2. Scott Dawson pins Jimmy Uso after a flapjack (3:19)
3. Ricochet pins Robert Roode after a 630 diving senton (2:47)
Time: 6:30

Match Thoughts
This seemed to mostly be a match to highlight Ricochet. The starts and stops along with the extremely quick falls were frustrating, but I suppose that’s what RAW is all about now. Ricochet looked good in his brief time in the ring though.


Ring Area
After the match, the new US Champ, AJ Styles, heads to the ring with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Ricochet dives out to attack Styles, and The Usos join in by attacking Anderson and Gallows. The Revival joins in the brawl, but The Usos clear the ring. Robert Roode gets involved which leads to Jey Uso getting hit with Shatter Machine from The Revival. Ricochet dives onto The Revival and Roode, then Atyles hits Ricochet with the Phenomenal Forearm. Ricochet then takes a Magic Killer, and The Club stands tall.

The Viking Raiders breathe heavily in a red room.


Match 2
Viking Raiders vs Vinny Gruner & Jackson James
(referee: Chad Patton)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Erik pins Jackson James after the Viking Experience
Time: 1:21

Match Thoughts


Last night, The Undertaker and Roman Reigns defeated Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre at Extreme Rules.

Earlier today, Drew McIntyre ruined a party or something with Cedric Alexander, Finn Balor, No Way Jose, and the Street Profits. Drew confronted Cedric Alexander about what he did in last week’s main event. The time has come for Drew McIntyre to humble Cedric.


Match 3
Drew McIntyre vs Cedric Alexander
(referee: John Cone)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Cedric Alexander wins via pinfall after countering an inverted Alabama slam into a victory roll
Time: 3:23

Match Thoughts
This was short, but I think that made sense for what this match was. It was a huge mismatch in size, so Alexander had to run around and use his speed to avoid McIntyre. Alexander was abe to do that for a while, but once McIntyre caught Alexander the match looked like it was over. This was a fun, short David versus Goliath match.


Finn Balor says last night was tough, but he doesn’t dwell on the past. Balor wants his title back, and tonight Samoa Joe stands in his way. Balor will find a way to keep moving forward.

Samoa Joe explains what is really going to happen tonight. Samoa Joe is going to wait in the ring for Finn Balor so he can hand Balor another loss.

Charly Caruso welcomes Roman Reigns. Reigns says this is his week. Reigns intends to end this week strong by earning a title shot against Lesnar at Summer Slam.


Match 4
Samoa Joe vs Finn Balor
(referee: Drake Wuertz)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Samoa Joe wins via pinfall with a crucifix pin
Time: 1:24

Match Thoughts
This was surprisingly short. It looked like the match was going to be good, but it ended in under a minute and a half. This match was more about Finn Balor’s story than anything else. Balor is definitely getting into a slump.


Ring Area
After the match, Samoe Joe attacks Balor. Balor fights back and ends up hitting Joe with Coup de Grace. As Balor celebrates defending himself from Joe’s attack, the lights in the venue go out. When the lights come back on, Bray Wyatt (as The Fiend) has Finn Balor in position for Sister Abigail. Wyatt hits the move, and the lights go back out.

Drake Maverick and Renee Michelle check into a hotel. Renee is still upset about Maverick’s obsession with the 24/7 Title, but Maverick just wants to consummate his marriage. As Drake and Renee walk away, R-Truth comes out of hiding with referee Darrick Moore. R-Truth bribes a hotel clerk with a crisp one dollar bill to tell him where Hornswaggle’s room is.

The Street Profits have been watching Maverick and R-Truth’s segments. They then wonder who is going to win the women’s fatal four way match tonight. Angelo Dawkins picks Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. They move on to talking about the battle royal. Dawkins picks Big E to win, Montex Ford picks Rollins.

Maria Kanellis tells Mike Kanellis that she’s taking his match tonight. Mike says no.


Match 5
Zack Ryder vs Mike Kanellis w/ Maria Kanellis
(referee: Dan Engler)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Zack Ryder wins via pinfall after the Rough Ryder
Time: 0:08

Match Thoughts
This was a one-move match. It was all about making Mike Kanellis look dumb to further his story line with Maria. Zack Ryder was a hometown prop. Also, Mike Rome made a point to say Ryder won the match in less than one minute. So why don’t they do that for all their other matches that are under a minute, because RAW has a lot of them.


Ring Area
After the match, Maria says her unborn child had a better chance in the ring tonight than Mike Kanellis.

The Club discusses club stuff.


Match 6
Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson & AJ Styles (US Champ) vs Lucha House Party
(referee: Chad Patton)

Show/Hide Results

Result: AJ Styles submits Kalisto with a calf crusher
Time: 6:40 (1 interruption)

Match Thoughts
Pretty good match. There was, of course, a break in the action as Ricochet attacked AJ Styles at ringside. But rather than stop the match and give the win to The Club via DQ, the match was just resumed after the commercial break. After that, the match was fine. The Club unsurprisingly dominated.


Sarah Schreiber welcomes Seth Rollins. Rollins says he’s hurting from last night, but what hurts the worst is not holding the Universal Title anymore. Rollins also informs everyone that Becky Lynch is tough and she’s going to be okay. Baron Corbin learned what it means to push Rollins too far, and Rollins will beat anyone and everyone on his way to beating Brock Lesnar.


Match 7
RAW Women’s Title Number One Contender Fatal Four Way Elimination Match
Alexa Bliss w/ Nikki Cross vs Carmella vs Naomi vs Natalya
(referee: John Cone; at ringside: Becky Lynch)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Natalya wins and will face Becky Lynch for the RAW Women’s Title at Summer Slam
1. Alexa Bliss pins Carmella with a schoolboy (3:03)
2. Natalya pins Naomi with a prawn hold (13:54)
3. Natalya sumbits Alexa Bliss with a Sharpshooter (16:41)
Time: 16:41 (2 breaks)

Match Thoughts
This was okay. The match started with a few lengthy one on one segments which I’m rarely a fan of in multiple-person matches. The action got better after that, but the match really seemed to drag at times. After the first elimination (and a pause for a commercial break to kill the momentum), the next elimination took a very long time. I like long matches, but it felt like the three women left in the match only had five minutes worth of action that they were trying to stretch into over fifteen minutes. The crowd overreacted with some of their chants including “this is awful,” but I do think this would have been a lot better had it not been an elimination match. The action would have been tighter, and the crowd wouldn’t have gotten restless during the middle portion of the match when nothing really happened.


Ring Area
After the match, Charly Caruso congratulates the winner and new number one contender for the RAW Women’s Title. Becky Lynch enters the ring and gets in the face of her new challenger. Words are exchanged.

Randy Orton says he has some unfinished business with Brock Lesnar.

Ring Area
The Miz heads to the ring for Miz TV. He welcomes his guest tonight, Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler talks about how Miz used to want to do good things, but now he’s just a corporate “yes man.” Miz has become everything he hates, and he’s everything that’s wrong with pro wrestling. Miz only cares about fortune and fame, just like his wife.

Miz attacks Ziggler. Ziggler quickly gets out of the ring and walks away as Miz looks down at him.

Drake maverick prepares to have sex. He wears nothing but the 24/7 Title (and some underwear) as he waits for Renee Michelle. Room service brings in some champagne on a cart, but Drake recognizes the room service guy. It’s referee Darrick Moore. R-Truth emerges from underneath the cart and pins Drake to win back the 24/7 Title. R-Truth runs away and Drake follows as Renee Michelle screams.

Roman Reigns recently won an ESPY for Best WWE Moment for when he returned after his battle with leukemia.


Match 8
Universal Title Number One Contender Cross-Branded All-Star Top Ten Battle Royal
Big E (SD Tag Champ) vs Sami Zayn vs Seth Rollins vs Bobby Lashley vs Rey Mysterio vs Baron Corbin vs Roman Reigns vs Cesaro vs Randy Orton vs Braun Strowman
(outside referees: John Cone, Drake Wuertz, Chad Patton, Dan Engler; on the stage: Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Seth Rollins wins
Time: 7:50

Elimination OrderWrestler EliminatedEliminationsTime EliminatedEliminated By
1Cesaro01:53Bobby Lashley
2Bobby Lashley12:10Braun Strowman
3Big E03:10Sami Zayn
4Sami Zayn13:36Randy Orton
5Rey Mysterio04:08Baron Corbin
6Baron Corbin15:10Seth Rollins
7Braun Strowman16:13Seth Rollins
8Roman Reigns06:13Seth Rollins
9Randy Orton17:50Seth Rollins
WinnerSeth Rollins4

Match Thoughts
This was pretty fun. There were some neat highlight moments for a few guys. I liked Cesaro uppercutting anything that moved, and I liked Bug E facing off with Braun Strowman. What I didn’t like was the final few minutes. They once again relied on the greatly overused “this guy left the ring earlier in the match but he wasn’t eliminated and we all forgot about him” scenario. It’s old and it’s not surprising anymore. There should be a ten count for ring outs in battle royals.


Show Impressions
As far as RAWs go, I think this was average. I liked seeing Cedric Alexander get some decent TV time, I liked Bray Wyatt’s appearance, I liked The Club stuff, and I liked parts of the main event. Everything else was either average or I just didn’t care much about it.

Match of the Night
Cedric Alexander vs Drew McIntyre
Yeah, it was short, but I liked seeing Cedric in action. This was fun.


Official Results: https://www.wwe.com/shows/raw/2019-07-15



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