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RAW Recap & Review – Episode 1377

Episode 1377

Original Air Date: October 14, 2019
Event Date: October 14, 2019
(aired live)

City: Denver, CO
Venue: Pepsi Center

Commentary: Vic Joseph, Dio Maddin, Jerry Lawler
Ring Announcer: Mike Rome


Clips of the feud between Bray Wyatt/The Fiend and Seth Rollins. Basically, Rollins tried to murder The Fiend at Hell in a Cell, then The Fiend tried to drag Rollins to Hell on SmackDown.

Intro Video
“Legendary” by Skillet

Ring Area
Becky Lynch, the first overall draft pick last week on the first half of the draft, heads to the ring. Becky showed up tonight expecting to beat up Sasha Banks, but Banks is missing tonight’s show because of the last beating Becky gave her. Instead, Becky will again face the woman she can’t seem to get rid of. Charlotte Flair heads to the ring.

Charlotte says she might get drafted to RAW so she and Becky can fight forever. But really, Charlotte doesn’t even want to fight tonight. Charlotte wants to be Becky’s friend again, but Becky makes it so hard. Charlotte attacks Becky, and the two women brawl. Referees try to separate them as the show goes to its first commercial break.


Match 1
Becky Lynch (RAW Women’s Champ) vs Charlotte Flair
(referee: Chad Patton; stipulation: the winner’s brand will get the first draft pick tonight)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Becky Lynch wins via pinfall with a crucifix pin
Time: 10:13 (1 break)

Match Thoughts
Good match. We’ve seen these two women fight a lot, and this was another good bout between them. This was a nice way to start the show, and I think the finish of this match helps me accept the finish of Charlotte’s match against Bayley last week on SmackDown a bit more. The finish was very similar to that match where Charlotte lost the SmackDown Women’s Title, so now this is a trend for Charlotte. I’ve grown very tired of the overuse of roll-up wins in WWE, but if it becomes a story for Charlotte, then it might work for a while (but only for her). Is Charlotte going into a slump?


Charly Caruso welcomes Seth Rollins. Rollins says today is a good day. Why? Because it’s draft day. What’s not good is that The Fiend seems to keep following Rollins. He’s not proud of what he did at Hell in a Cell, but he did it, and he thought he was done with The Fiend. After SmackDown though, Rollins came to a realization. Tonight, instead of trying to stay away from The Fiend, Rollins is going to hunt Bray Wyatt, find him, and “burn it down.”

Mad Money Studio
Jim Cramer of Mad Money talks about his top draft prospects.

The USA/RAW War Room (the exact same one from SmackDown with the exact same placement of props and everything) is abuzz.

The Fox/SmackDown War Room (again, the exact same one with the exact same people sitting in the exact same chairs and wearing the exact same clothes) is also abuzz. The CG football robot paces.

Ring Area
Stephanie McMahon comes out to the stage to announce tonight’s first round of picks. RAW gets Seth Rollins, Charlotte Flair, and Andrade (with Zelina Vega). SmackDown gets Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) and New Day.

WWE Draft Panel
Renee Young introduces the panel consisting of Booker T, Beth Phoenix, and Samoa Joe. They are all excited for the night.


Match 2
Andrade w/ Zelina Vega vs Ali
(referee: Darrick Moore)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Andrade wins via pinfall after a hammerlock DDT
Time: 5:51 (joined in progress)

Match Thoughts
Good match. If this match plus a top-five draft pick is any indication for how Andrade will be used in the near future, I’m going to be happy. I’d like to see Ali get on a roll as well, but Ali definitely played his part in helping Andrade look dominant tonight. Zelina also once again showed her value in the partnership between her and Andrade. This was fun.


Ring Area
Stephanie McMahon announces the second round of draft picks. RAW gets the Kabuki Warriors, Rusev, and Aleister Black. SmackDown gets Daniel Bryan and Bayley.

From the Weekend Update set, Colin Jost and Michael Che are excited to be here. Jost thinks Braun Strowman is his best friend, but Che calls Jost out on making fun of Strowman since Wrestlemania.


Match 3
RAW Tag Team Title Match
Viking Raiders vs Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode (RAW Tag Champs)
(referee: Eddie Orengo)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Erik pins Dolph Ziggler after the Viking Experience, The Viking Raiders are the new RAW Tag Champs
Time: 8:44 (1 break)

Match Thoughts
Good match. I felt like there might be a title change tonight, but despite that suspicion, the match was still very entertaining. The Raiders dominated the match very quickly, but some devious tactics and solid teamwork got Ziggler and Roode back into the match. The Raiders started to fall behind as the match went on, but Erik and Ivar are only ever a couple moves away from taking control of any match. This was fun all the way through to the end.


The NHL on NBC crew (Kathryn Tappen, Jeremy Roenick, and Keith Jones) gives their thoughts on the WWE Draft. They love it and a clearly (not) watching it live with us.

From their red room, the Viking Raiders talk about winning the IWGP, ROH, NXT, and RAW tag titles.

Ring Area
Stephanie McMahon is back for round three of tonight’s draft. RAW gets Cedric Alexander, Humberto Carrillo, and Erick Rowan. SmackDown gets Shinsuke Nakamura (with Sami Zayn) and Ali.


Match 4
Eric Young vs Aleister Black
(referee: John Cone)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Aleister Black wins via submission with The Dark Ritual
Time: 1:40

Match Thoughts
This was okay. It was pretty much a squash, but at least Eric Young made it onto RAW.


Ring Area
Stephanie’s announcement of round four of the draft has RAW getting Buddy Murphy, Jinder Mahal, and R-Truth. SmackDown gets the team of Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode, and they also get Carmella.

The Street Profits are enjoying the WWE Draft. They are also happy that they are officially part of RAW. The OC walks up, and they’re clapping. Styles, Gallows, and Anderson are also happy to be on RAW. Styles isn’t sure why USA drafted the Street Profits. Why would RAW draft the unofficial hosts of RAW when The OC is already on the show? Regardless, Styles welcomes Dawkins and Ford to “the fam.” The OC then attacks the Street Profits.


Match 5
Ricochet vs Shelton Benjamin
(referee: Chad Patton)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Ricochet wins via pinfall after The Recoil
Time: 4:44

Match Thoughts
Good match. It was kind of short, but it was entertaining. I think these two guys could have a much better match if they’re given more time.


A look at the feud between Braun Strowman and Tyson Fury.

Lana gets a massage.

After a commercial break, Lana is still getting a massage. Bobby Lashley walks up wearing (apparently) only a towel. Lashley lifts Lana’s towel as she turns over. Lashely smiles.

Ring Area
Jerry Lawler is in the ring to oversee the contract signing between Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman. Strowman and Fury head to the ring. Strowman accuses Fury of trying to steal some of WWE’s spotlight. In Saudi Arabia, Strowman will hand Fury his first loss ever. Strowman and Fury both sign the contract. Fury then responds. Fursy says he’s a fan of Strowman, and he was on SmackDown to see Strowman. Fury says he’s not out of his element in any ring. Fury plans to knock Strowman out.

Both men stand, so Lawler leaves. Strowman smashes the table with his hands. Fury tries to break a pen and eventually does it. Fury laughs and walks away.

NBC Studio
Al Roker and Willie Geist of NBC Today talk about the draft.

Ring Area
In the fifth round of the draft, RAW gets Samoa Joe, Akira Tozawa, and Shelton Benjamin, while SmackDown gets The Miz and King Corbin.


Match 6
Buddy Murphy vs Cedric Alexander
(referee: Darrick Moore)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Buddy Murphy wins via pinfall after Murphy’s Law
Time: 5:33 (1 break)

Match Thoughts
Good match. They’ve had better, but they’ve also had more time in pretty much all of their previous matches. Tonight was just an abbreviated version of what they can do, and it was entertaining.


The Street Profits get smart by getting a partner to take on The OC, but they’re going to keep their partner a mystery.

NBCSN Studio
Rebecca Lowe, Kyle Martino, and Robbie Mustoe of Premier League Livegive their thoughts on the WWE Draft. Sort of.

Ring Area
Stephanie provides the sixth and final draft announcement for the night. RAW gets Rey Mysterio, Titus O’Neil, and Liv Morgan, while SmackDown gets Shorty Gable and Elias.

WWE Draft Panel
Samoa Joe thinks Buddy Murphy was the value pick of the night. Beth Phoenix says King Corbin is the best value. Booker T says there are rumors about a trade happening within the next 24 hours.


Match 7
The Kabuki Warriors (Women’s Tag Champs) vs Natalya & Lacey Evans
(referee: John Cone)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Asuka pins Lacey Evans with a schoolboy
Time: 12:00 (joined in progress, 1 break)

Match Thoughts
I liked the match, but I was extremely nervous the entire time. I thought for sure Natalya and Evans were going to win, because that’s what WWE does. Also, it’s clear that they don’t care much about the women’s tag titles since two of the few established female tag teams weren’t even drafted (the IIconics and Fire & Desire). Despite my nervousness, the match was good. I like the attitude of the Kabuki Warriors, and I love how Asuka is wrestling now. She’s kind of a jerk, and she’s completely arrogant. At one point she knocked Evans off the apron, then she turned her back and ignored Evans as she yelled from outside the ring. I also like Kairi’s mischievousness as a heel.

What I didn’t like in this match was the team of Evans and Natalya. It made zero sense, and they didn’t even sell it well. I also didn’t really like the finish. WWE needs to realize that a clean win in a tag match doesn’t necessary hurt someone. I really wish they would stop using roll-ups as a way to protect people while still giving them a loss. It’s lazy, and it makes finishes less exciting when it’s done over and over again.


Firefly Fun House
Bray Wyatt says he saw Seth Rollins. Wyatt thinks Rollins is strong, brave, and smart. “He” never forgets though. Rambling Rabbit pops up and says Rollins is on his way to the Fun House right now. Wyatt says everything is fine. That’s when Rollins attacks.

Rollins beats up Wyatt. Wyatt doesn’t understand why Rollins is doing this. Wyatt asks Rollins to stop, but he doesn’t. Rollins attacks Wyatt again, then he burns down the Firefly Fun House.


Show Impressions
This was a fine show. I liked most of the matches, and the draft was fine. There were no surprises in the draft (like an NXT call-up or something), and that’s fine too.

Match of the Night
Viking Raiders vs Roode & Ziggler
Everything was kind of short tonight, but I think the RAW Tag Title match definitely meant the most. The action was good as well, so that makes it the match of the night.


Official Results: https://www.wwe.com/shows/raw/2019-10-14



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