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SmackDown Recap & Review – Episode 1059

WWE SmackDown
Episode 1059

Original Air Date: December 6, 2019
Event Date: December 6, 2019
(aired live on FOX)

City: Fayetteville, NC
Venue: Crown Coliseum

Commentary: Michael Cole, Corey Graves
Ring Announcer: Greg Hamilton


Last week, Danie Bryan accepted Bray Wyatt’s challenge for a title match, but The Fiend dragged Bryan under the ring and ripped out his hair.

Ring Area
The Miz heads to the ring. Miz says he was going to start tonight’s show with an episode of Miz TV with Daniel Bryan as his guest, but Bryan hasn’t been seen since the end of last week’s show. Miz says he thinks we saw the real Daniel Bryan last week, but The Fiend ripped that away. Miz says he’s never liked Daniel Bryan, but he cares. Miz vows to find out what happened to Daniel Bryan.

Bray Wyatt appears on the tron. Wyatt says Miz doesn’t want to know what happened to Bryan. The Fiend might not be done with Daniel Bryan yet, but Bryan won’t be able to play with Wyatt at TLC. Maybe Miz would like to play with Wyatt instead. Rambling Rabbit warns Miz to run.

Wyatt says the word of the say is “family.” He says he has the opportunity to join a new family, and he holds up a picture of Miz and Maryse with their kids. Miz runs to the back.

Miz talks to Maryse on the phone. He assures her that everything will be fine, but he also tells her to lock the doors and set the alarm. Miz is leaving the show to head home right now.


Match 1
Mandy Rose w/ Sonya Deville vs Alexa Bliss w/ Nikki Cross
(referee: Jessika Carr)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Alexa Bliss wins via pinfall after Twisted Bliss
Time: 4:18

Match Thoughts
This was pretty good. The biggest moment was when Rose peeled off Bliss’s fake eyelashes. Other than that, this was a fine yet unsurprising return to action for Alexa Bliss.


Drake Maverick feels rejected by Dana Brooke since she’s set to go on a date with Batista. Maverick wonders what Batista has that Maverick doesn’t. Elias walks up and informs everyone what Maverick is missing. Elias also sings about Maverick’s wife, so Maverick slaps him. Elias isn’t happy about that.

Ring Area
Already in the ring, Drake Maverick complains about people thinking his lie is nothing but a joke. Maverick calls out Elias. Maverick wants to fight Elias for insulting his wife. Elias heads to the ring with Dana Brooke. Elias plays with Maverick, then Maverick gets spanked. Maverick gets kicked in the butt which sends him out of the ring. Maverick tries to escape, but Brooke sends him back in to the ring to take Drift Away from Elias.

Miz is leaving when he sees a red room. Miz enters the room to find his own family photo, but Miz has been replaced by Bray Wyatt. Wyatt attacks Miz from behind. With Miz down, Wyatt laughs.

Miz is helped up after a commercial break. Miz seems shaken, both physically and mentally.

A look at social media posts from superstars about this year’s Tribute to the Troops.


Match 2
Fatal Four Way Elimination Tag Team Title Number One Contender Match
Mustafa Ali & Shorty G vs Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado w/ Kalisto vs The Revival vs Heavy Machinery
(referee: Charles Robinson; guest commentary: Big E, Kofi Kingston)

Show/Hide Results

Result: The Revival wins
1. Tucker pins Metalik after compacter (3:26)
2. Wilder pins Otis with a slingshot sunset flip (6:45)*
3. Dawson pins G after Shatter Machine (11:55)**
Time: 11:55 (2 breaks)

Match Thoughts
Good match. All four teams looked good here, and I would have been totally cool with any of these teams winning. This was fun, and I’m looking forward to the title match that will come from this.


Kayla Braxton welcomes Roman Reigns. Reigns doesn’t seemed worried about what Corbin and Ziggler have planned tonight.

Sheamus (lit from behind with a red light) again talks about SmackDown becoming soft in his absence.


Match 3
Lacey Evans vs Haley Jones
(referee: Jason Ayers)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Lacey Evans wins via pinfall after the Woman’s Right
Time: 1:13

Match Thoughts


Ring Area
After the match, Sasha Banks comes out to the stage. Banks says she and Evans have some business to take care of.

After a commercial break, Sasha is still talking to Evans. Sasha says she’s the leader of the women’s division, and Evans is pathetic. Banks warns Evans to never mess with her and Bayley again. Evans gets mad when Banks talks about her daughter. Evans says she’s a Marine, and as a Marine, she’s a good leader. Evans invites Banks into the ring. Banks gets face to face with Evans, but Banks flinches hard when Evans fakes her out by motioning for the Woman’s Right.

Evans leaves the ring proud, but Bayley attacks Evans on the stage. Banks joins Bayley as they gloat over Evans.

King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler talk to each other.

Clips from this year’s Tribute to the Troops.


Match 4
Roman Reigns vs Dolph Ziggler
(referee: Dan Engler)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Roman Reigns wins via pinfall after a spear
Time: 12:13 (2 breaks)

Match Thoughts
This was fine. It’s about what you’d expect. Ziggler and Reigns went back and forth for a while, Corbin came out to ringside at one point, Ziggler looked like he might win, then Reigns hit a big move to finish the match.


Ring Area
After the match, Reigns makes a preemptive strike on Corbin and the guys that carried his sedan chair to the ring. Everyone attacks Reigns though, so Reigns eventually goes down. Ziggler and Corbin handcuff Reigns to a ring post. Reigns is beat up, then Ziggler and Corbin dump dog food onto him.


Show Impressions
This wasn’t a great show. It was fine I suppose, but I got kind of bored. The main story with Reigns and Corbin doesn’t interest me, and Bray Wyatt going after The Miz doesn’t do much for me either. I do like the fact that they’re putting off Wyatt versus Bryan so that feud can build up over time, but The Miz stuff is just kind of okay.

There’s been a lot of stuff involving people getting mad other people talking about their family (Miz, Evans, Maverick, Reigns). I mean, I guess I get it, but it almost always feels like a hollow story. I guess it feels too easy for me, and the reactions people give make me roll my eyes a lot. It feels forced to me a lot of the time. It also feels kind of lazy.

I liked the tag elimination match though. That was fun. And I’m glad to see Alexa bliss back. I’m not sure where they’re headed with her and Nikki, but I’d love to see Alexa turn on Nikki at some point. I think that could be a great feud that would help push Nikki even further up. Let Nikki get mad and do the stuff she did in NXT (like that great, violent match she had with Asuka). I feel like Nikki and Alexa’s friendship is kind of holding them both back from doing what they do best.

Match of the Night
Fatal Four Way Elimination Tag Match
This was fun, and none of the elimination felt too quick.


Official Results: https://www.wwe.com/shows/smackdown/2019-12-06



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