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AEW Dynamite Recap & Review – Episode 20

AEW Dynamite
Episode 21

Original Air Date: February 19, 2020
Event Date: February 19, 2020
(aired live on TNT)

City: Atlanta, GA
Venue: State Farm Arena

Commentary: Jim Ross, Excalibur, Tony Shiavone(1, 2, 4, 5), Taz (3)
Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts


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Match 1
AEW World Tag Team Title Number One Contender Battle Royal
Santana & Ortiz w/ Sammy Guevara vs T-Hawk & CIMA vs The Hybrid2 vs Private Party vs John Silver & Alex Reynolds vs Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy vs Best Friends vs The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny vs The Young Bucks vs Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky
(outside referees: Bryce Remsburg, Paul Turner, Mike Posey, Rick Knox, Aubrey Edwards; watching in the back: Kenny Omega, Hangman Adam Page)

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Result: The Young Bucks win and will get a tag title shot at AEW Revolution
Time: 17:58

Order EliminatedWrestler EliminatedTime OutTotal EliminationsTeam EliminatedEliminated by
1Jack Evans1:340Frankie Kazarian, Scorpio Sky, Trent, Chuck Taylor, Marq Quen, Isaiah Kassidy, Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson, CIMA
2T-Hawk2:460Isaiah Kassidy, Marq Quen
3Scorpio Sky4:051John Silver
4Frankie Kazarian4:051SCUAlex Reynolds
5Alex Reynolds4:141Nick Jackson
6John Silver4:141Dark OrderMatt Jackson
8Nick Jackson8:142The Butcher
9Marq Quen9:552Ortiz
10Isaiah Kassidy10:042Private PartySantana, Ortiz
11Angelico10:390The Hybrid2Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy
12Jungle Boy10:482Ortiz
13Luchasaurus11:043Jurassic ExpressSantana, Ortiz, The Butcher, The Blade
14Chuck Taylor12:111The Butcher
15The Blade13:011Matt Jackson, Trent
16Trent15:402Best FriendsThe Butcher
17The Butcher15:594The Butcher & The BladeMatt Jackson
18Ortiz17:474Matt Jackson
19Santana17:582Santana & OrtizMatt Jackson
WinnerMatt Jackson (The Young Bucks)6

Match Thoughts
This was a lot of fun. The only real story shenanigans were of the Dark Order coming to ringisde to distract SCU. Dark Order also handed CIMA a creeper mask on his way away from the ring. Other than that, this was just a fun battle royal with a bunch of chaos. Orange Cassidy showed up to help Best Friends at one point, and everyone at ringisde had there part to play throughout the match. I enjoyed it. I think I was pulling for Best Friends or Jurassic Express to win, but I really would be fine with nearly any team in this match.


MJF prepares Wardlow for tonight’s cage match.

Cody walks with Brandi Rhodes and Pharaoh.


Match 2
Shanna vs Kris Statlander
(referee: Rick Knox; guest commentary: Britt Baker)

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Result: Kris Statlander wins via pinfall after the Big Bang Theory
Time: 8:05

Match Thoughts
Very good match. Shanna didn’t seem to want to put up with any of Statlander’s nonsense, so Shanna took the fight to her opponent. There were some big moves from both women, and towards the end it felt like the next big move would win the match. Shanna showed her agility and striking ability tonight, and Statlander showed her power. I liked this matchup.


A look at how Nyla Rose become the AEW World Women’s Champ.

Ring Area
From the ramp, Tony Shiavone welcomes the new AEW Women’s World Champ, Nyla Rose. The Native Beast is unimpressed with the greeting she receives from the crowd. She says holding the women’s title is justice. She should have been champion long ago. But waiting makes Rose hungry, and when she’s hungry she “breaks bitches.” She broke Riho.

Shiavone says Riho showed courage, but Rose says her courage didn’t earn her anything last week. Rose represents power. She will be a one-time champ because she will beat everyone who challenges her.

Kris Statlander walks out and boops the Women’s World Title. Big Swole comes out and pumps up in front of Rose. Referess come out to prevent an altercation, and Nyla Rose leaves.

A look at Jeff Cobb’s AEW television debut last week on Dynamite when he attacked Jon Moxley.


Match 3
Jon Moxley vs Jeff Cobb
(referee: Aubrey Edwards; watching in the front row: Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager)

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Result: Jon Moxley wins via pinfall with a small package after being superplexed by Cobb
Time: 11:16

Match Thoughts
Very good match. I’m so happy that Jeff Cobb is in AEW. I love the way he wrestles. Cobb threw Moxley all over the place, though Moxley wasn’t without some offense of his own. I really liked how they handled this match too. Moxley needs to maintain his momentum so close to Revolution, but Cobb also needs to look good and strong in his debut. This match accomplished both of those things, and it was very entertaining.


Ring Area
Immediately after the match, Jericho, Guevara, and Hager rush into the ring to attack Moxley. Cobb joins in on the beating, but Dustin Rhodes runs out to help Moxley. Dustin focuses on Hager, but he gets overwhelmed by the Inner Circle.

Then the lights go out. After a few seconds to build tension, Darby Allin returns to Dynamite and skateboards down to the ring. Allin focuses on Sammy Gievara and takes him out of the ring with an ollie to the back. Cobb tries to suplex Allin, but Allin lands on his feet and hits Cobb with his skateboard.

Everyone clears out of the ring except for Moxley and Jericho. They come together in a flurry of punches, but Jericho slides out of the ring before Moxley can hit any big moves. The Inner CIrcle retreats.

During a commercial break, Darby Allin uses cue cards to cut a promo on Sammy Guevara.


Match 4
AEW World Tag Team Title Match
Lucha Brothers vs “Hangman” Adam Page & Kenny Omega (Tag Champs)
(referee: Bryce Remsburg)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Adam Page pins Rey Fenix after a tandem V-Trigger (Omega) and Buckshot Lariat (Page)
Time: 15:06

Match Thoughts
Great match! Other than one time where Page hit Omega by accident, there were no issues between the tag champs this week. They worked together well, and they needed to in order to stand a chance against the Lucha Brothers. Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix looked great as always, and this match turned into a chaotic and exciting exchange of big moves and breathtaking sequences. Page and Omega have really built up a lot of momentum in the short time they’ve been champs.


Ring Area
After the match, The Young Bucks head down to the ring. The Bucks check on Omega and help him to his feet. Page tries to pull Omega away from the Bucks, but Omega ends up just standing between them. Page leaves the ring and has a few beers with the fans at ringside before leaving by himself.

A look at the first line of AEW action figures from Wicked Cool Toys.

A look at the buildup to tonight’s cage match between Cody and Wardlow.


Match 5
Steel Cage Match
Wardlow w/ MJF vs “The American Nightmare” Cody w/ Brandi Rhodes, Arn Anderson
(referee: Paul Turner)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Cody wins via pinfall after a diving moonsault from the top of the cage
Time: 11:19

Match Thoughts
Very good match. This felt like it was more about the drama than the action, but both the drama and the action were good. Wardlow threw Cody around the cage and busted him open early in the match, so Cody has to survive and hit whatever offense he could. This was about Cody’s heart, determination, and his seething hatred for MJF. MJF did some shenanigans at ringside with Arn Anderson and Brandi, but tonight wasn’t his night. Tonight was Cody’s night.


Show Impressions
This was a great show. The excitement continues to build on the road to AEW Revolution. I particularly enjoyed the tag title match, Cobb versus Moxley, and the brawl with Dustin Rhodes and Darby Allin coming out to join Moxley in the fight against the Inner Circle. Everything was really good though.

Match of the Night
Lucha Bros vs Page and Omega
The cage match was memorable and perfect for building up the feud between Cody and MJF, but I’ll probably go back watch the tag title match more often.



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