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Event Date: July 24, 2020 (12:30 JST)
matches published on Stardom World

City: Atsuta, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
Venue: Nagoya Congress Center Event Hall
Attendance: 339

Commentary: none
Ring Announcer: Yoritaka Ando


Match 1
Saya Iida vs Konami
(referee: Duke Sado)

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Result: Konami wins via pinfall after a buzzsaw kick
Time: 7:34

Match Thoughts
Good match. Saya Iida continues to be impressive. Konami is one of the best strikers and technical wrestlers in Stardom, and Iida looked good fighting against her. Iida repeatedly kicke out of a lot of close near falls, and I believed that she was going to pin Konami a few times throughout the match. This was a very strong opener for tonight’s show.


Match 2
DEATH Yama-san vs Saki Kashima vs Starlight Kid
(referee: Duke Sado)

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Result: Starlight Kid pins DEATH Yama-san with the Ki-Chan Bomb
Time: 4:59

Match Thoughts
Very good match. Starlight Kid is headed towards a High Speed Title three way match soon, so this match was important for her to build some momentum. Everyone looked really good in this match though. No ever dominated the match very long until someone else took over, and all three wrestlers came out of this looking very even. The action was quick, and there were lots of nice multiple-person sequences. I liked it a lot.


Match 3
Natsu Sumire & Natsuko Tora w/ Saki Kashima vs Tam Nakano & Riho (High Speed Champ)
(referee: Duke Sado)

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Result: Tam Nakano & Riho win via DQ when Natsuko Tora uses a chair on Nakano and the referee
Time: 10:03

Match Thoughts
Very good match. Riho and Nakano worked very well together for never having teamed like this before. They had some really nice tandem offense, and for the most part they supported each other throughout the match. Oedo Tai’s sense of not caring about rules or matches or pretty much anything is strong right now though, and they were a chaotic bundle to try to handle. Sumire in particular stood out. She was able to turn the momentum of the match to Oedo Tai’s side more than once, and she was nearly always ready with a perfectly timed distraction. In the end, Tora didn’t care at all about this match, and that ended up costing Nakano and Riho physically.


Match 4
Saya Kamitani & AZM & Utami Hayashishita & Momo Watanabe vs Himeka & Maika (Artist & Future Champ) & Syuri (Artist Champ) & Giulia (Artist Champ)
(referee: Daichi Murayama)

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Result: Time Limit Draw
Time: 30:00

Match Thoughts
Very good match. This started of with everyone pairing off in a series of one-on-one encounters. From there the match started to mix everyone up a bit, but Saya Kamitani got isolated and destroyed for a while. Things broke down, brawls happened in and outside the ring, and eventually Momo Watanabe and Syuri became legal in the match for a very long time. This part of the match had everyone getting in the ring and involved, but Watanabe and Syuri were always in the middle of it. It definitely felt like that’s the rivalry they wanted to build with this match, but in the bigger picture, this felt like a buildup for much more unit warfare between Queen’s Quest and Donna del Mondo. This was a lot of fun, and I’d enjoy watching any combination of these two teams fight each other again.


Ring Area
After the match, Giulia applauds Queen’s Quest for not laying down for Donna del Mondo. She also says that the world will soon see the Donna del Mondo is the future of women’s pro wrestling.

Momo Watanabe takes the mic. She’s angry that outsiders are claiming to be the future when Queen’s Quest is clearly the future. Regardless, Watanabe compliments DDM on tonight’s match. Both teams raise their hands, then a few pairs face off: Syuri and Watanabe, Himeka and Hayashishita, and Maika gets slapped by Kamitani. Everyone then leaves before any further scuffles can take place.


Match 5
World of Stardom Title Match
Jungle Kyona vs Mayu Iwatani (World Champ)
(referee: Daichi Murayama; Title Match Official: Rossy Ogawa)

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Result: Mayu Iwatani wins via pinfall with the Two-Stage Dragon Suplex and retains the Wonder of Stardom title in her third defense
Time: 21:01

Match Thoughts
Great match! I’ve been looking forward to this one, and I was very happy with what I saw. Mayu Iwatani has long been one of my favorites in Stardom and in wrestling in general, but I was kind of pulling for Jungle Kyona tonight. I would have been fine with either Iwatani or Kyona winning, but I kind of wanted Kyona to finally get the World of Stardom title. Kyona has been getting stronger and stronger, but it always feels like the title is just a bit too far out of her reach. Plus, her journey this year has been emotional, so I felt like tonight was as good a night as any for her to win the title.

The action in this title match was great. Iwatani spoke about being nervous tonight not just because of Kyona, but because this is same building where she dislocated her shoulder previously. Iwatani seemed anxious before heading to the ring, and she started the match tentatively. Kyona respects the champ’s abilities though, so Kyona started a little tentatively as well. When the did come together, the match built up and up with some great exchanges. Kyona used her size and power to hit Iwatani with some very big slams and splashes as the match went on. Iwatani was more calculating, and she played good defense while wearing Kyona down with holds and submissions. Once Kyona was starting to slow down, Iwatani started hitting some powerful moves of her own. The power moves went back and forth as the match neared its end, and both women were having trouble standing as the finish closed in. I’d love to see a rematch of this match. It was great.


Ring Area
After the match, Mayu Iwatani thanks the fans for coming, and she thanks Jungle Kyona for the match. An emotional Jungle Kyona talks about how hard she trained. Her thoughts have been heavy, but she wanted to do her very best today. Kyona thanks everyone for tonight.


Show Impressions
This was a very good show. Every match got better and better, and the main event was great. There weren’t necessarily any big revelations tonight, but I think everything that’s been being built lately was continued well tonight.

Match of the Night
Jungle Kyona vs Mayu Iwatani
This was a standout title match. There were a lot of emotions involved, and you could feel those emotions in the action.


Official Results (Japanese): https://wwr-stardom.com/news/20200724-2/



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