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RAW Recap – “Paige Makes it Personal”

November 16, 2015
Episode 1173
Aired Live on the USA Network

City: Greensville, South Carolina
Venue: Bon Secours Wellness Arena

Commentary: Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia

Ring Area
The superstars are gathered on the stage for a moment of silence for the people of France.

Intro Video
“The Night 2014 remix” by CFO$/KromestatiK

Ring Area
Undertaker and Kane come out and say that no power can contain the dark side. They say that the Wyatt Family has reserved their place in Hell. The Wyatt Family comes out and says that “twenty five years is long enough, time for a new army of darkness.” Sheep druids then surround the ring and attack the Brothers of Destruction. The druids fail miserably and the last two end up taking tandem chokeslams from the Brothers.

** I like the story here. It’s kind of silly, but most of Undertaker’s deadman stuff usually is. It works though. I’d like to see Undertaker pass the evil torch to Bray Wyatt, but I don’t really see it happening with the week-long Undertaker “25 years” celebration going on. **


Match 1
Neville vs Kevin Owens (IC Champ)
WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament Quater-Final Match
(referee: Mike Chioda)

Neville uses speed to keep away from Owens and keep him off balance. Neville sets up on the top rope but Owens rolls out to the floor. Neville follow Owens to the outside with a moonsault to floor!

– commercial –

Back from the break, Owens is in control (during the break Owens tossed Neville around outside). Nevill tries to come back, but Owens hits a superkick and Neville falls out of ring. The ref gets to a count of 9 building good tension before Neville gets back in. Owens hits a gut buster and a senton for a 2 count! Neville then comes back with a great snap German suplex and a second rope corkscrew moonsault for a 2 count!

Neville then hits an enziguri and goes for the Red Arrow but is knocked off ropes by Owens. Owens misses a pop-up powerbomb, Neville hits an inverted hurricanrana for 2!! Neville then misses a moonsault but lands on feet, then he takes a pop-up powerbomb from Owens!
Owens wins via pinfall after a popup powerbomb. (7:13)

** Great match! Fantastic moves by Neville and some real tension a few times. Superb. **


Match 2
Tyler Breeze w/ Summer Rae vs R-Truth
(referee: Jason Ayers)

R-Truth takes control of the match early. Breeze gets frustrated and takes control in corner. Breeze puts on a body scissors that transitions into a half crab. Truth gets to ropes and comes back with scissor kick for a 2 count. Breeze then hits the Beauty Shot for the win.
Breeze wins via pinfall after a Beauty Shot (4:08)

** Pretty good match. Ending felt a little underwhelming, but not bad. **


Match 3
Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose
WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament Quater-Final Match

(referee: Charles Robinson)

During a feeling out period with some tie-ups, neither man takes control. Small package by Ziggler. Ziggler gets clotheslined over top and Ambrose goes for dive but catches self when Ziggler moves.

Ziggler trips Ambrose and applies a partial bow and arrow. Ziggler goes for pinning combinations and hits a dropkick for a 1 count. Ambrose hits a backbreaker for a 1 count. Half crab by Ambrose which Ziggler gets out of. Ambrose hits a body slam and goes to the top rope. He hits a cross body but Ziggler rolls through for a 2 count. Ziggler applies a sleeper but Ambrose gets out. After some pinning combinations Ambrose misses Dirty Deeds, Ziggler misses kick, then both men run into each other with two crossbodys. Both men are down.Ambrose climbs the ropes but Ziggler catches him. They trade punches and both fall to the floor.

– commercial –

Ambrose dives to Ziggler on floor. Back in the ring, Ziggler lands a dropkick and a Famouser for 2! Ambrose gets a 2 from a backslide which is folloed up by a big DDT by Ziggler for a 2 count of his own! Ziggler is catapulted into the turnbuckle and Ambrose gets another 2. Ziggler applies a sleeper hold, then Ambrose puts on a sleeper of his own. Ziggler escapes with a jawbreaker, then a bouncing clothesline by Ambrose get him a 2 count!

After a top rope X-Factor by Ziggler, Ambrose rolls out to floor. In the ring, a small package by Ambrose for 2 is followed by a superkick by Ziggler! 2 count!They trade punches, Ambrose takes over and hits Dirty Deeds!
Ambrose wins via pinfall after Dirty Deeds (13:23)

** Really, really good match. Very good buildup from feeling out to bigger moves, good continuity between the two guys. Nice finish. **


Ring Area
After the match, Ambrose says if he wins the title he will turn this place upside down. Rules will be thrown out the window. WWE will be the Ambrose Asylum.

Ring Area
Coming out for their match, New Day says people should be talking about the one year anniversary of New Day, not 25 years of Undertaker. Some memorable quotes from New Day: “Us-owww!!” “When life give you booty, make booty-ade.”


Match 4
New Day (Tag Champs) vs The Usos & Ryback
6 Man Tag Team Match

(referee: John Cone)

Woods and Jimmy start and Jey dives onto New Day outside. Big E catches Jey on way in and New Day takes over with a Unicorn Stampede (and a trombone). Jey gets isolated and is in serious trouble. A Big Splash from Big E gets him a 2 count. Ryback is tagged in, but New Day distracts the ref so the tag was missed. BigE taunts Ryback and Jey fights back but is stopped by Big E. Big E slaps Ryback who comes in and attacks all of New Day.
New Day wins via DQ after Ryback shoves the ref (5:48)

** Okay match, but the abrupt ending didn’t help. Ryback clears the ring to put over the babyfaces, but New Day was still more convincing in the ring. This didn’t help Usos any. *


Triple H talks with Cesaro to make sure he understands what’s at stake. He’s not blowing smoke. He thinks it might be his time. He’ll be watching.

Ring Area
Reigns comes out and says it’s been a wild ride. He summarizes what’s happened over the last few weeks then says he doesn’t sell out.


Match 5
Roman Reigns vs Cesaro
WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament Quarter-Final Match
(referee: Dan Engler)

The two men tie up, disengage with a clean break. They start of evenly matched and show some nice sportsmanship. Cesaro cartwheels on top rope to avoid Reigns! He performs an okane roll out of the corner for a quick 2 count. An impressive gut wrench from Cesaro gets him another 2! A tilt-a-whirl slam by Reigns gets a 2! Cesaro hits a flying uppercut. Reigns is driven into post, Cesaro kicks him into it again, then Reigns goes to the outside. Cesaro follows and hits a running uppercut!

– commercial –

Cesaro in control in the ring. Cesaro runs after Reigns outside but takes a boot. Cesaro with uppercuts in the ring. Reigns comes back with forearms and clotheslines, more uppercuts from Cesaro, then a big clothesline by reigns. Reigns hits a release German suplex to buy time. He misses the Drive-By and winds up in the Cesaro Swing! He follows up with a Sharpshooter that he turns into a crossface! He rolls Reigns to center of the ring and keeps it on!

Reigns stands and turns the hold into a Samoan drop and gets a 2 count! Cesaro gets dumped over top rope and hurts his bad arm on the way down. Reigns then hits the Drive-By. Back in the ring, Reigns hits a clothesline followed by some more in the corner. Cesaro blocks, but Reigns transitions a school boy into a sit-out powerbomb! 2 count!

Reigns loads the Superman Punch but misses and ends up taking a huge push-up uppercut by Cesaro! 2 count! Reigns climbs the ropes but Cesaro meets him there with a dropkick! Cesaro tries to pull Reigns in from apron but takes a Superman Punch. Reigns goes for a spear that is countered into uppercut! A backslide by Cesaro gets a 2 count, but he winds up taking a spear from Reigns to end the match.

After the match, Cesaro and Reigns shake hands. Nice.
Reigns wins via pinfall after a spear (17:20)

** Fantastic match! The tourney is bringing out the best in people. Fantastic build, great finish, realistic near falls. Really really great. **


Ring Area
The commentating team mentions the passing of Nick Bockwinkle.

** There’s a lot of sadness on the show tonight with the moment of silence for Paris and the passing of Nick Bockwinkle. **


Match 6
The Ascension vs The Dudley Boyz
(referee: Mike Chioda)

Bubba and Viktor start. Bubba has control until Konnor tags in and takes over. Bubba is in trouble. Konnor jaws with D-Von and takes a side slam. D-Von gets the hot tag, then Bubba comes back in, 3D, match over.
Bubba Ray pins Viktor after 3D (3:11)

** Short, by the numbers. Nothing special. **


Renee Young asks Zeb Colter about Kalisto. He says there are no crimes or taxes in Mex-America and that Del Rio will EARN the World Heavyweight Title. Triple H congratulates Del Rio. Del Rio could be the man with the right allies.


Match 7
Kalisto vs Del Rio (US) w/ Colter
WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament Quarter-Final Match
(referee: Charles Robinson)

Del Rio takes quick control. Kalisto uses his speed to avoid Del Rio and hits a flying head scissors from apron to floor on Del Rio.

– commercial –

Del Rio is in control in the ring. There seems to be a bit of a missed cue from from a handspring into back stabber, but it leads to a 2 count for Del Rio. Del Rio pulls Kalisto’s mask pretty much completely off in the corner. He hangs Kalisto in corner then goes for shoulder but hits post. Kalisto lands a stage dive, corkscrew cross body, and kicks until he is caught and downed by punch. Kalisto hits head scissors from the knees on Del Rio. Kalisto is hung up on top rope and takes kicks in corner. Kalisto fights back, lands a kick, and goes for top rope hurricanrana. Del Rio blocks it and lands a double stomp in corner.
Del Rio wins via pinfall after a double stomp from the top rope in the corner (6:48)

** Okay match, but not as good as the other tournament matches on the show. A bit slower, which is surprising with these two guys. **

“Submission of the Week” – Becky cheats to pin Paige from RAW last week. Paige applies PTO to Becky on announce table.


Ring Area
Cole introduces Paige and Charlotte for the contract signing for their Diva’s title match at Survivor Series. Cole says they bonded, but wonders where it went wrong.Paige says there are no friendships and signs the contract.Charlotte calls her bitter and angry and wonders how Paige got there.

Charlotte gets emotional when talking about her brother and says Paige was there for her.Paige says she had been using Charlotte. Charlotte says it’s not about the title, it’s about who has your back. PCB was going to change the Divas division.Charlotte says Paige was never a champion.

Paige is embarrassed by how naive Charlotte is. No one will have Charlotte’s back. She wonders where Ric is. Charlotte gets mad and threatens Paige. Cole tries to get her to sign, but Charlotte continues to talk. Paige insults Reid Flair and Charlotte attacks. Refs try to break it up to end the show.

-show over-

Show Impressions
I’m not a fan of contract signings, but aside from that, I’m happy to see the Divas take the main event segment of the show. It really shows how much faith they have in them to build this match up in the last segment of the last RAW before the PPV.

The wrestling on the show was a little mixed. There were some okay matches, but the tournament matches really stood out. All of them were good to excellent. Some of the non-tournament stuff felt like filler and didn’t build for anything for Survivor Series, but I could see them adding a Survivor Series-style match from some of the guys in the tags matches from this show.

Match of the Night
Cesaro vs Reigns
It’s close. The first three tourney matches were all very good, but while the first had great moves and the second had a great build, this one had both of those things and more. It was a decent length and just really, really good all around.

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