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AEW Dynamite (Episode 49) Recap & Review

AEW Dynamite
Episode 50

Original Air Date: September 9, 2020
Event Date: September 9, 2020
(aired live on TNT)

City: Jacksonville, FL
Venue: Daily’s Place

Commentary: Excalibur, Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone
Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts


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Outside the Venue
While Tony Schiavone stands outside, Chris Jericho and MJF arrive at the same time. Jericho is upset about MJF getting cheated and losing at All Out, and he guarantees MJF will be champion very soon. MJF promises Jericho that one day he will regain his AEW Championship.

Jericho and MJF wish each other well and then leave in different directions. In a split screen, Jericho and MJF both say in unison, “what a loser.”

Intro Video
“Dynamite” by No One Hero


Match 1
Lucha Brothers w/ Eddie Kingston, The Butcher, The Blade vs Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus w/ Marko Stunt
(referee: Rick Knox)

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Result: Jungle Boy pins Rey Fenix after he tricks Penta El Zero M into hitting Fenix with a Canadian Destroyer
Time: 8:35

Match Thoughts
Great match. Seeing Jungle Boy fly around the ring and off the ropes with Rey Fenix was probably my favorite part of the match, but the entire thing was all very, very good. Fast-paced, high flying, and fun. I enjoyed the finish a whole lot as well. There was some trickery involved, and it all happened very quickly. This put a big smile on my face.


Ring Area
After the match, tries to keep the peace within his group, but he’s very aggressive and accusatory in his approach. Eventually everyone calms down. They all leave as a group, but right before they leave, Kingston wants everyone to know that he was never eliminated from the Casino Battle Royale (which is true because he went through the ropes and not over the top when he went out).

From an alley somewhere in the rain, Jake Roberts and Lance Archer warn Jon Moxley that everybody dies.

Ring Area
Matt Hardy heads to the ring. He addresses the fall to the floor he took at All Out, and he says the outpouring of love he’s received has been overwhelming. He also says that he is expected to make a 100% recovery. Hardy says the Broken Rules match isn’t what he wanted it to be, but at least his problems with Sammy Guevara seem to be over. Now is the time for Matt to focus on his recovery, and he plans to return and start chasing some titles. His journey is not over.


Match 2
Angélico w/ Jack Evans vs “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy
(referee: Bryce Remsburg)

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Result: Orange Cassidy wins via pinfall after the Orange Punch
Time: 3:13

Match Thoughts
Good match. I was hoping for something a lot longer because I think these two guys could have a really fun and interesting match against each other, but this was really just an exhibition for Cassidy. Angélico has been doing great things on Dark, so hopefully this was just his first step towards getting some substantial time on Dynamite.


Ring Area
After the match, Santana and Ortiz attack Orange Cassidy from behind. Best Friends quickly run out to the ring, so Santana and Ortiz run out to ringside. Best Friends are tired of Santana and Ortiz, so they challenge them to a fight in the parking lot next week. It seems as if the challenge is accepted.

Alex Marvez tries to get a word from the Young Bucks, but all he gets from them is a superkick party in his face.

Ring Area
In the ring, Tony Schiavone welcomes Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford. Sabian interrupts Schiavone and tells him to leave the ring, so Tony leaves the ring. Sabian then introduces “the best man.” A guy named Puff comes out. Sabian thanks him for subscribing to his Twitch channel, but he breaks the news to Puff that he isn’t actually Sabian’s best man.

Kip tries again, and “the best man” is… not Brian Pillman Jr. Sabian tells Pillman, on his birthday, that he is not the best man, and they’re not even friends. Pillman is sad as he leaves.

Finally, “the best man” is…. Miro! Smiling, Miro enters the ring and hugs Sabian as the crowd applauds. Miro talks about spending ten years in the same house with the same glass ceiling, and he tells that house it can take its brass ring and shove it. Miro is here, and Miro is all elite.

Tony Schiavone has a sit-down interview with “Hangman” Adam Page. Page blames himself for all the problems with Omega and the Young Bucks. Page says he sometimes feels like he’s poison. He’s been through problems with Kenny Omega before, and this might be their toughest test, but he hopes they can make things right.


Match 3
No DQ, No Count Out Match
“The Concrete Rose” Sonny Kiss & “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela vs Jake Hager & “The Demo God” “Le Champion” Chris Jericho
(referee: Aubrey Edwards)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Jake Hager pins Sonny Kiss after a side suplex (after Jericho blasts Kiss with a fire extinguisher)
Time: 9:45

Match Thoughts
Good match. The no DQ, no count out aspect of the match was used very sparingly (especially given the enormous leeway everyone gets in normal tag matches anyway), but this was still a fun match. I think the biggest aspect of the match was how the commentary team kept talking about how Sonny Kiss isn’t necessarily comfortable or experienced with no DQ matches, but by the end of the match Kiss was looking the best out of all four competitors. The momentum did swing back and forth, and the finish wasn’t too surprising, but yeah, this was fun.


Ring Area
After the match, Jericho says Inner Circle had a bad night at All Out, but that’s in the past. Moving forward, Jericho and Hager are going to chase the tag team titles.

MJF fires his campaign staff. The campaign is over. Wardlow sticks around though, because apparently MJF pays Wardlow.

Jon Moxley says being the AEW Champ isn’t easy, and it’s not supposed to be. Moxley knows he is unstoppable, and he’s ready for Lance Archer.

Ring Area
FTR and Tully Blanchard celebrate their tag title win at All Out. They talk about being at the top of the best tag team division in the world, and they compliment/insult a bunch of the teams in AEW, some of who are surrounding the ring. Luchasaurus doesn’t appreciate FTR’s words, and he gets into the ring. FTR make a preemptive strike, and they roll out to ringside before Jurassic Express can start a brawl. While at ringside, Marko Stunt dumps ice from FTR’s cooler onto FTR. The tag teams eat FTR’s celebratory cake as FTR and Blanchard leave.

Ring Area
Taz joins the commentary table to talk about what happened with Team Taz and Darby Allin at All Out when he hears some scuttlebutt. Apparently Darby Allin is here tonight. Allin’s music plays, and Ricky Starks comes out in Darby Allin cosplay. Starks mocks Allin. Starks says Allin isn’t relentless, he’s reckless. Next time Allin shows up, Starks is going to relentlessly kick Allin’s ass.


Match 4
Tay Conti vs “The Native Beast” Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero
(referee: Paul Turner)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Nyla Rose wins via pinfall after the Beast Bomb
Time: 5:32

Match Thoughts
Good match. Tay Conti was emotional before the match having just officially signed a deal to become part of the AEW roster. That emotion might have led her to the good offense she got in the match, but Nyla Rose repeatedly overpowered Conti. Conti was smart and tried to use holds and submission on Rose, but it wasn’t enough tonight. This was a good outing from both women, and it helped make Rose look strong.


Ring Area
After the match, Vickie Guerrero says the Vicious Vixens are here to make a statement. Rose stars to pick up Conti for some sort of attack, but Hikaru Shida runs out with a kendo stick to make the save. Rose and Guerrero back away as Shida checks on Conti.

Earlier today, Jim Ross sat down with Kenny Omega. Omega says you win belts and you lose belts. It’s part of the business, and Omega has been here before. He also talks about the great chemistry he had with Adam page, saying that he felt like he found his purpose in AEW when teaming with Page. Omega also says that he doesn’t see a reconciliation happening with himself and Page. Omega is happy for the experience in the tag division, but he’s moving on to being a singles wrestler again.


Match 5
TNT Title Match
“The Natural” Dustin Rhodes w/ Brandi Rhodes, QT Marshall vs Mr. Brodie Lee w/ John Silver
(referee: Bryce Remsburg)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Brodie Lee wins via pinfall after a discus lariat
Time: 10:22

Match Thoughts
Great match. Dustin came ready for a fight, and he attacked Brodie Lee before the opening bell. The two men brawled around ringside for a while before the match officially started in the ring, and Dustin was able to use that momentum for most of the rest of the match. Brodie hit some very big moves from time to time, but Dustin seemed to get more offense overall. Dustin was wearing down Brodie, but Lee is so powerful that he doesn’t need many moves to change the course of a match. This was a very fun, straight-forward grudge match that was enhanced by having the title on the line.


Ring Area
After the match, more members of Dark Order (Colt Cabana, Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, Alex Reynolds, Alan Angels, and Preston Vance) come out to the ring, and their carrying an unconscious QT Marshall with them. Lee does not seem happy at all to see Colt Cabana. Lee shoves Cabana, so Cabana leaves with Evil Uno trying to console him.


Show Impressions
This was a good show. After a big night at All Out, this Dynamite did a good job of setting up a few new directions while trying to move forward some of the stories and rivalries that weren’t concluded at the PPV.

Match of the Night
Dustin Rhodes vs Brodie Lee
The opening tag match is a close second place, but the TNT Title match had more emotion in it to support the great action in the ring.



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