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STARDOM 5★STAR GP (Event 6) Recap & Review

Fukuoka Evening Show
Event Date: September 12, 2020 (18:00 JST)
matches published on Stardom World

City: Chuo, Fukuoka, Fukuoka, Japan
Venue: Nishitetsu Hall
Attendance: 130
Series: 5★STAR GP

Commentary: none
Ring Announcer: Yoritaka Ando


Match 1
5★STAR GP Red Stars Match
DEATH Yama-san (0 pts) vs Saya Kamitani (3 pts) (Goddess Champ)
(referee: ?)

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Result: DEATH Yama-san wins via pinfall with a rollup counter after Kamitani hits a running shooting star press
Time: 4:36

Match Thoughts
This was a fun opener. Yama-san appeared to have recovered sufficiently from her two matches earlier in the day. Yama-san was fast and moderately effective, but Kamitani had a lot of confidence after her win during the afternoon show. Kamitani might have been a bit too confident though, because she was susceptible to some of the tricks and counters that Yama-san is able to pull off at any moment.


Match 2
5★STAR GP Red Stars Match
Konami (6 pts) vs Starlight Kid (2 pts)
(referee: Daichi Murayama)

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Result: Konami wins via submission with the Triangle Lancer
Time: 6:31

Match Thoughts
Very good match. Starlight Kid was smart and attacked Konami right away with her speed. Kid did her best to keep on the move, because any time she slowed down Konami would take her to the mat in some sort of submission. I really enjoyed this match because you could see each wrestler’s styles really shine through in the way the match was fought. Konami was methodical and tried to keep Kid on the mat or at least close. Kid tried to create distance so she could use her speed and to avoid Konami’s holds. Whenever they would deviate from those plans, they would get into trouble. Inevitably, Kid had to get close to Konami to go for pinfalls, and more than a few of those pin attempts for Kid turned into submission attempts for Konami. I’d love to see them wrestle again sometime.


Match 3
Hanan vs Tam Nakano vs Giulia (Artist & Wonder Champ) w/ Himeka, Maika, Syuri
(referee: ?)

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Result: Giulia pins Hanan after a big boot
Time: 8:09

Match Thoughts
Good match. With Giulia and Nakano hating each other so much, Hanan was definitely the wild card in this match. Clearly Nakano and Giulia were going to try to destroy each other, but how would Hanan fit in? As expected, Hanan teamed with her Stars unit-mate Nakano throughout much of the match, but Hanan also tried to get the win for herself the the opportunity presented itself. Giulia was smart in her attacks. She tried to get Nakano and Hanan to fight each other at the start of the match. That sort of worked for a while, but when Giulia was forced to join the fight the match became mostly about who between Giulia and Nakano could take advantage on what Hanan was doing first.


Ring Area
After the match, Giulia gloats. Frustrated, Nakano promises to crush Giulia tomorrow and take her belts later.


Match 4
Saki Kashima & Natsuko Tora vs Riho & AZM (High Speed Champ)
(referee: ?)

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Result: AZM and Riho win via DQ when Saki Kashima hits AZM with a chair
Time: 7:31

Match Thoughts
Good match. Kashima and Tora started strong with a brawl that ended up backstage and came back to the ring on a hand cart (used earlier in the day to wheel DEATH Yama-san to the ring for her second match during the afternoon show). Oedo Tai was in control, but once the match got into the ring, AZM and Riho started to take over with their speed. This kept up for a while, so Oedo Tai went for their weapons. This was another match where Oedo Tai didn’t care about winning the match just so long as someone got hurt. I like the idea, and I like how that makes Oedo Tai seem dangerous in a way different from any other unit in Stardom.


Match 5
5★STAR GP Blue Stars Match
Syuri (4 pts) (Artist Champ) w/ Giulia vs Saya Iida (0 pts)
(referee: ?)

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Result: Syuri wins via pinfall after a punt kick
Time: 8:31

Match Thoughts
Very good match. This was a nice battle between Iida’s speed and power versus Syuri’s kicks and submissions. As is often the case, Iida was at a size and experience disadvantage, but her heart pushed her through the match with Syuri. Syuri was methodical in her attack tonight. She was surprised by AZM during the afternoon show earlier in the day, so she ensured that she would not be surprised again. This was a strong, no-nonsense match for Syuri.


Match 6
5★STAR GP Blue Stars Match
Maika (4 pts) (Artist & Future Champ) w/ Giulia vs Jungle Kyona (6 pts)
(referee: Daichi Murayama)

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Result: Maika wins via pinfall after Enka Otoshi (inverted Canadian backbreaker rack dropped into a powerslam)
Time: 10:02

Match Thoughts
Very good match. Kyona approached this with a lot of power and a lot of confidence, but Maika had a lot of great throws that used Kyona’s size and strength against her. The match went back and forth for a while, but Maika started to dominate as the match went longer. Kyona’s resilience seemed to surprise Maika at times, but that just forced Maika to try harder with some bigger and more impactful moves. This was a nice match for both wrestlers.


Match 7
5★STAR GP Red Stars Match
Himeka (9 pts) w/ Giulia, Syuri vs Mayu Iwatani (4 pts) (World Champ)
(referee: Daichi Murayama)

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Result: Mayu Iwatani wins via pinfall with a bridging dragon suplex
Time: 8:10

Match Thoughts
Very good match. Himeka controlled most of this match by overpowering Iwatani and throwing her around the ring. Himeka worked on Iwatani’s back a lot, and that slowed Iwatani down considerably throughout much of the match. Iwatani pushed back late in the match with a sequence that really got started with a crucifix bomb that planted Himeka on the back of her head and neck. Iwatani seized on the opportunity and put together a strong string of offense that led to a very satisfying finish. Himeka has looked nearly unstoppable throughout the tournament, but the World of Stardom Champ might have finally slowed her down.


Match 8
5★STAR GP Blue Stars Match
Utami Hayashishita (8 pts) (Goddess Champ) vs Momo Watanabe (4 pts)
(referee: Daichi Murayama)

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Result: Time Limit Draw
Time: 20:00

Match Thoughts
Great match! Hayashishita and Watanbe took their time building this match up, and it was done very well. They started by exchanging holds on the mat before moving on to some slams and strikes. As the match went on the throws and strikes got more and more impactful, and both wrestlers were using some of their best moves. Even though they’re both in Queen’s Quest, neither one of them held back. They both wanted to win, and they were doing anything they could to accomplish that goal. This was hard-hitting and tense towards the end, and I liked it a whole lot.


Show Impressions
This was another really good 5★STAR GP show. I think overall this evening show might have been a bit better than the afternoon show.

Match of the Night
Utami Hayashishita vs Momo Watanabe
This was probably the best match between both the afternoon and evening shows. The action was really good, the match felt important (because it was as far as the tournament rankings go), and it was absolutely a great way to end the day.


Standings After Event 6

Red Stars

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Giulia (Wonder & Artist Champ)6320
Mayu Iwatani (World Champ)6320
Tam Nakano6320
Saya Kamitani * (Goddess Champ)3131
Starlight Kid *2150
DEATH Yama-san *2140

* = numerically eliminated

Blue Stars

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WrestlerPointsWins LossesDraws
Utami Hayashishita (Goddess Champ)9401
Maika (Future & Artist Champ)6310
Syuri (Artist Champ)6320
Jungle Kyona *6330
Momo Watanabe5221
AZM * (High Speed Champ)4230
Natsuko Tora *4230
Saya Iida *0050

* = numerically eliminated


Official Results (Japanese): https://wwr-stardom.com/news/20200912hakata-yoru/



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