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ROH TV (Episode 469) Recap & Review

Episode 469

Original Air Date: September 11, 2020
Event Date: September 9, 2020

City: Baltimore, MD
Venue: UMBC Event Center (empty arena)

Commentary: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman
Ring Announcer: Nick Lendl
Pure Tournament Judges: Gary Juster, Will Ferrara, Sumie Sakai


Sixteen men have been entered in a tournament based on the core principles of ROH. When the smoke clears, a new champion will be crowned.

Quinn McKay welcomes us to the Pure Tournament and talks about some of the history of the championship. She also introduces us to the sixteen wrestlers entered into the tournament and goes over the rules.

  • Rules
    • It’s a single elimination tournament with sixteen wrestlers divided into two blocks (red and silver).
    • Time Limits: Round 1 = 15 min.; Block Semi-Final = 20 min.; Block Final = 30 min.; Tournament Final = 1 hour.
    • Time limit draws will go to judge’s decision (3 judges present).
    • Every match begins and ends with a handshake.
    • Each wrestler has three rope breaks. After those are exhausted, any submission or pin attempts on or under the ropes are considered legal.
    • Close-fist punches to the face are illegal. Closed fists are legal on any other part of the body except for low blows. Infractions will get one warning before a disqualification.
    • 20-count ring outs.
    • Interference from any wrestler results in an automatic termination from the roster for the interfering wrestler.

A look at Jay Lethal and his opportunity to become the first and only two-time Pure Champion.

A look at Dalton Castle, a really good professional wrestler.


Match 1
ROH Pure Tournament Round 1 Match
Dalton Castle vs Jay Lethal (ROH Tag Champ)
(referee: Todd Sinclair)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Jay Lethal wins via pinfall after the Lethal Injection
Time: 13:10 (with 1 commercial break)

Match Thoughts
Very good match. Both men started a bit cautiously, but they picked up the action as the match went on and the clock started to become a factor. I think the winner of this match will have more exciting matches in the tournament, but this was a solid start and a very entertaining match.


A look at Wheeler Yuta and his journey as a pro wrester.

A look at Jonathan Gresham and having to prove himself over and over again.


Match 2
ROH Pure Tournament Round 1 Match
Jonathan Gresham (ROH Tag Champ) vs Wheeler Yuta
(referee: Joe Mandak)

Show/Hide Results

Result: Jonathan Gresham
Time: 10:25 (with 1 commercial break)

Match Thoughts
Great match. Before the match, Yuta talked about studying Gresham and being prepared for whatever Gresham might throw at him during this match. Though no one can fully prepare for Gresham, Yuta did a good job of countering and avoiding a good amount of Gresham’s offense. That caused the fist part of the match to be a bit slower paced, but it was no less interesting for it. Watching Gresham work his way through holds and sequences is always fantastic. There was a point somewhere in the middle of the match where tempers flared, and the pace picked up considerably after that. The final few minutes of the match had both guys moving quickly from move to move and counter to counter. This was a fun and exciting way to end the first night of Pure Tournament competition.


Show Impressions
I think I’m going to enjoy this tournament very much. I’m pulling for Gresham to win it all!

Match of the Night
Jonathan Gresham vs Wheeler Yuta
Technical and exciting. I love it!



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