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Smackdown Recap – “What We Gotta’ Do”

November 19, 2015
Taped November 17, 2015

City: Knoxville, Tennessee
Venue: Knoxville Civic Coliseum

Commentary: Booker T, Jerry Lawler, Rich Brennan
Ring Announcer: Eden Stiles

Intro Video
“Black and Blue” by CFO$

Ring Area
It’s Miz TV with the remaining members of the WWE Title tournament.

Owens comes out first, interrupting Miz, and informs Miz that Miz TV is now the Kevin Owens Show. He’ll also be “the man” after winning the title on Sunday.

Del Rio comes out next, also interrupting Miz. Colter calls Miz a “hater” and says he and Del Rio refuse to participate (a la Republicans with the debates). He calls Miz TV “crap” and says Owens is a “hater” too. Del Rio tells Owens there will be a place for him in Mex-America. He’ll need a pool cleaner.

Ambrose comes out and tries to defend Miz TV from the insults of Del Rio and Owens. He sings the praises of the men in the ring, but says he’ll still overcome and become champ.

Miz is interrupted again as Reigns comes out from the crowd. He says he knows how Miz TV works. R-Truth interrupts Reigns…

R-Truth talks about surviving as an underdog and how he’ll become champ at Survivor Series. Miz reminds him that he wasn’t ever in the tournament. R-Truth is confused, but he apologizes for his mistake. He then politely leaves.

Miz gets worked up and explains the Miz TV script. Reigns asks him to direct. He does. Ambrose punches him. Show over.

** This was actually one of the better Miz TV segments. I actually chuckled a bit at Miz getting increasingly frustrated and the randomness of R-Truth’s appearance. Good stuff. **

Ring Area
Back from a break, Miz is still in the ring, and he’s still mad. He wants his match cancelled, but Cesaro interrupts him before he can finish.

Match 1
The Miz vs Cesaro
(referee: Charles Robinson)

Miz begs off at first, but takes advantage of Cesaro and lays the boots to him. Miz is mad. Cesaro comes out of the corner with a back elbow and applies a crossface for the quick tap out.
Cesaro wins via submission with a crossface (0:47)

** This was really more of a comedy match, but it was a really good continuation of the first segment. Kind of like the punch line of Miz TV (Ambrose’s punch notwithstanding). It was fun. **


Ring Area
As Cesaro heads up the ramp, the Cosmic Apocalypse comes out. They look at each other as the pass by, but they all move along without incident.


Match 2
Stardust & The Ascension vs Neville & The Dudley Boyz
(referee: John Cone)

Neville starts with Viktor, with Neville using his speed to avoid taking damage from the members of the Cosmic Apocalypse until Konnor pulls the middle rope to send Neville to the floor. Stardust takes advantage on the outside, smashing Neville’s head into the announce table.


Viktor has control of Neville in the ring back from the break. Neville is in trouble but he manages to tag in Bubba Ray who takes on all three members of the other team. What’s Up to Konnor. Bubba calls for tables, but Stardust hits the disaster kick on him. The match begins to break down with Neville interjecting himself, and Viktor winds up taking 3D and losing the match.
Bubba Ray pins Viktor after 3D (5:29)

** Good match. Neville and the Dudleys make an odd yet exciting team. **


Video package of the feud between Wyatt and Undertaker.

Ring Area
At ringside, Tyler Breeze insults Zack Ryder’s fashion sense. He reminds him of Dolph Ziggler. But Prince Pretty never goes out of style. Dolph Ziggler comes out to ringside before Tyler’s match starts.


Match 3
Tyler Breeze w/ Summer Rae vs Zack Ryder
(referee: Jason Ayers)

Ziggler messes with Breeze’s VIP section, distracting Breeze. Ryder takes advantage but is quickly downed by Breeze. The two have a nice back and forth until Breeze hits the Unprettier.
Tyler Breeze wins via pinfall after an Unprettier (1:18)

** Short match with not much going on. With more time they probably could have had something good. **


Ring Area
After the match, Ziggler immediately attacks Breeze who rolls out of the ring. A Superkick to Breeze from Ziggler puts Breeze down.

Ring Area
Sheep-mask druids come out to the ring followed by the Wyatt Family. Bray say that he has shown the light to the followers of darkness. He says the Brothers of Destruction have an opportunity to redeem themselves, but they will fail. How will they fail though? Which members of the family will defeat them?

Undertaker appears on the tron and informs Wyatt that he has a dead man’s hand. Perilous times will come, and the Brother of Destruction will reclaim what is theirs. Kane burns a sheep mask.

** I like this feud, but why isn’t this upcoming match a classic Survivor Series match? I mean, why not have Kane and Undertaker pick two partners? Or better yet, they could try to take on all four members of the Wyatt Family in a handicap Survivor Series style match! I don’t think anyone really thinks any two member of the family can defeat the brothers, but all four would certainly have a very good chance. **


Match 4
Brie Bella w/ Alicia Fox vs Charlotte (Diva’s Champ)
(referee: Dan Engler)

Brie controls Charlotte early with a side headlock, but she escapes and downs Brie with a dropkick. Charlotte then controls Brie pretty convincingly and gets a 2 with a schoolboy rollup. Brie then trips Charlotte into the ropes and hits some stomps, kicks, and a knee for a 2 count. A double clothesline puts both women down.

Back on their feet they trade blows, but Charlotte starts to take control. She hits some big moves including a neckbreaker and a spear, the puts on the Figure Eight for the win.
Charlotte wins via submission with a Figure Eight (4:22)

** Good, short match. Not much really to say. Both these women are solid in the ring, and this is a pretty good lead up to Charlotte’s title defense on Sunday. **


Renee Young asks Paige if she’s concerned about pushing Charlotte too far. Paige calls Charlotte immature.

Ring Area
New Day makes their way to the ring for their match and complains about being part of a conspiracy to keep them out of the WWE Title tournament. Who’s better? “Who? Who? Who? Who?”

** Kofi also says “lucha” means “mask” in English, which is wrong. It means “fight.” “Mascara” means “mask.” **


Match 5
Big E (Tag Champ) w/ Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods vs Kalisto w/ Sin Cara
(referee: Mike Chioda)

Kalisto uses his speed to keep Big E off balance and dominate the early portion of the match. New Day attacks Sin Cara on the outside prompting Kalisto to dive out to the floor. Back in the ring he is still distracted and suffers a big splash.
Big E wins via pinfall with a Big Splash (1:19)

** Too short too be great, but at least the match made good sense. Not bad. **


Ring Area
New Day sets Kalisto up for another Big Splash after the match. After Big E lands it, Ryback hits the ring and clears New Day out, hitting a Big Splash of his own on Big E.

Ambrose feels great imagining eating people up. Reigns reminds him that they might have to face each other. They agree to do what they gotta’ do.


Match 6
Kevin Owens (IC Champ) & Alberto Del Rio (US Champ) w/ Zeb Colter vs. Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns
(referee: Charles Robinson)

Ambrose starts with Owens. Ambrose takes quick control and he and Reigns manage to send both Owens and Del Rio to the outside which leads to the…


Del Rio has control of Reigns after the break, but Ambrose is quickly tagged in. He controls Del Rio, but he is distracted by Owens which leads to Del Rio taking back control of the match. Del Rio and Owens then make some tags to isolate Ambrose. Ambrose takes a lot of big moves from both of his opponents and is in trouble. He eventually hits a clothesline off the ropes and tags in Reigns.

Reigns powers over Owens with come clotheslines and follows up with a Drive-By. Del Rio manages to save the match for his team, but the match starts to break down with everyone fighting on the outside. They all take too long and the ref reaches a ten count.
The match ends in a no contest because of a double count out (8:17)

** A good match and a good last stop before the PPV. It was violent without going too far, and everyone looked good. Reigns probably came off the most powerful, but no one looked bad. **


Show Impressions
A pretty good show despite a bunch of ultra-short matches. I thought the first few segments of the show were really well done. An entertaining Miz TV which led directly to the first match which transitioned into the second match. I like that feeling of continuity between segments.

All of the elements of the PPV were touched on, so this was a good lead in to Sunday.

Match of the Night
Owens & Del Rio vs Ambrose & Reigns
There were a lot of really short matches on this show and the others didn’t really do a whole lot to further anything so this one kind of wins by default. That’s not to say it was a bad match though, it wasn’t. I kind of expected more dissension between Del Rio and Owens, but it’s fine that there wasn’t.




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