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Superstars Recap – “Bo-Lieve in Titus”

November 20, 2015
Episode 345
Taped November 16, 2015

City: Greenville, South Carolina
Venue: Bon Secours Wellness Arena

Commentary: Rich Brennan, Byron Saxton
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia

Intro Video
“New Day Coming” by CFO$


Match 1
Brie Bella w/ Alicia Fox vs Naomi w/ Tamina
(referee: John Cone)

Brie and Naomi trade wristlocks, with Brie getting the eventual advantage with a transition into an arm bar. Naomi fights back and sends Brie to the corner where a distraction by Tamina allows Naomi to pull Brie from the second rope. Naomi takes control of the match but Brie fights out of a reverse chinlock and then awkwardly throws Naomi to the mat by her hair.

Her advantage is short-lived and Naomi gives her a bulldog on the second turnbuckle. Naomi misses a split-leg moonsault which allows Brie to build up to Brie Mode. After an attempted distraction by Tamina, Brie lands a series of Daniel Bryan kicks and a knee to Naomi’s head. Brie avoids the Rear View and hits a Bella-Buster for the win.
Brie Bella wins via pinfall after a Bella-Buster (5:15)

** Not bad. There was one awkward exchange with the hair pull, but other than that it was a fine match. The match that Naomi had on Main Event with Alicia Fox was probably better though. **

Video package of the feud between The Wyatt Family and the Brothers of Destruction.

Replay of Cesaro vs Reigns from RAW

Ring Area
Bo Dallas makes his way to the ring and tells Titus to not be depressed about losing in the WWE Title tournament. His place should have been given to someone else anyway. Someone like him.


Match 2
Titus O’Neil w/ Darren Young vs Bo Dallas
(referee: Dan Engler)

O’Neil tosses Dallas around the ring to start the match. Dallas takes an advantage with some strikes to O’Neil until he gets reversed in the corner and takes some chops. Dallas chooses to take a break outside. It doesn’t work out well as he is downed by a running elbow from O’Neil.


O’Neil is in control in the ring as we come back. Dallas manages to drop the back of O’Neil’s neck on the top rope and follows up with some strikes and a clothesline for a 2 count. His advantage is short-lived when he is whipped hard into the corner. O’Neil uses his power to punish Dallas then hits Clash of the Titus for the win.
Titus O’Neil wins via pinfall after Clash of the Titus (6:03)

** Pretty good match. I like the personality that Bo Dallas brought to it. It’s not too surprising how it turned out, but it was still pretty fun to watch. **


Replay of Charlotte and Paige’s contract signing from RAW.


Match of the Night
Titus O’Neil vs Bo Dallas
A fun, if not necessarily exceptional match. It was solid. You can’t expect much more from Superstars.




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