The Fighting Irish

Happy St.Patrick’s Day from the Wrestling House Show! How do we commemorate the death of Saint Patrick here at the Wrestling House Show? By watching a documentary featuring the greatest Irish wrestler of all time, Fit Finlay! So grab a Guinness, cook up some corned beef and cabbage, sit back and enjoy The Fit Finlays!

My Favorite Pope

So, as most of you are probably aware, a new Pope was crowned this past week in Vatican City. Well, maybe “crowned” is the wrong word. There isn’t really a crown, just a pointy hat… but I digress. Pope Francis takes over as leader of the Catholic Church making him the new World Champion of …

Paige: Her Fighting Family

As listeners of the Wrestling House Show know, we are huge fans of female pro wrestlers. Since I’ve been making it a point to watch NXT regularly there has been one young lady in particular that stands out to me. Her name is Paige and even though I’ve only seen her wrestle a few times, …

The RAW BOWL!!!!!

It’s the day after the Super Bowl….it’s Monday Night…..that can mean only one thing……..THE first (and last) RAAAAAAWWWWWW BOWWWWLLLLLLL. I actually saw this the night it aired and thought it was ridiculous then but I woke up this morning and felt compelled to share this much buried piece of WWE history. Enjoy?